Convex Finance and the CVX cryptocurrency celebrate their 1 year

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is completely revolutionizing traditional finance. Various protocols have been born in recent years and this sector continues to evolve. A year ago, the Convex Finance platform was born. Its purpose is first of all to ensure the liquidity of the tokens to guarantee the transactions of all users. Next, it wants to offer access to simplified investment with moderate risk. Finally, and above all, to solve the problem of decentralization. 

Convex Finance and the CVX cryptocurrency celebrate their 1 year

Convex Finance: Flashback to the past year

After a year of launch, some statistics on the growth of the protocol have been calculated. Indeed, over 31,000  individual wallets have interacted with Convex. The platform captured 100% of CRV emissions in the previous year. Additionally, over 80% of CVX tokens in circulation are currently locked. The distribution of these continues to continue.

Convex Finance protocol fees and rewards are distributed to ecosystem participants, all of whom benefit from its continued success. Incentives are made to be aligned among all participants.

Success thanks to innovative tools at the service of users

Daily and important updates are provided by CurveCap, which brings significant value to the Curve and Convex ecosystem. Newcomers to Convex get their questions answered thanks to Lazyguac . It also contains useful links to videos, various resources as well as articles.

As Curve grows, additional pools and gauges are added at an increasing rate. The CryptoRiskTeam was designed to evaluate proposed pools and offer information for full review prior to voting. MacroV 's DuneAnalytics dashboard provides it with value, allowing users to gather information about CVX, CRV tokens, revenue figures, and more.  

Convex was launched with the intention of being a “DeFi-Lego”, allowing seamless, permissionless integration of other protocols wherever possible. For the benefit of Convex and decentralized finance in general.

One of the stars in this category is Votium. This is a tool for establishing and maintaining a presence on Curve. vlCVX owners can vote directly on a Curve pool gauge. Votium has added significant value to the Convex ecosystem.   

As for the Union Llama Airforce, it's a powerhouse of analytical tools, making sense of a once-complicated landscape of Curve pools , Convex votes, Votium incentives, and more. Users can convert their earned incentive tokens into cvxCRV there to earn more. This through automatic dialing in the process. Llama Airforce also allows small voters to earn gas-optimized income.

There are also additional protocols including AladdinDAO, Aspirer Finance, BadgerDAO, etc.


The growth and success of Convex is mainly supported by its strong community and its members. A few names of early contributors have been mentioned. The community is also very supportive of Convex. The expansion of new Curve pools and the Frax ecosystem continues. The same goes for support for boosted pools on sidechains. The Convex Finance platform has many new opportunities for us in the future.

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