Quik.com, a portal to the web3-optimized metaverse, is bringing firsthand knowledge of the .metaverse, .vr, .web3, and many other top-level domains to the web3 race.

These domains on Quik.com are minted on blockchain technology and are featured to be stored as an asset in the user’s digital wallet and held, sold, or even exchanged if the owner wishes to.

These features separate them from traditional domains as they are not under centralized control. This allows them to reject third-party interference and secure privacy over data ownership.

Users must link their digital wallets to the Quik ecosystem to obtain these domains, offering multiple top-level domains. Minting can be easily done through Quik.com, but it also requires in-depth market research and futuristic beneficial components to be considered.

While the race is still young, many are trying to develop on the web3. Recognize that you are already on your way to a significant profit if your newly generated domain has exceptional qualities that can be in demand.

Web3 domains are widely available on Quik.com. Another important characteristic of these domains is that they enable you to host a decentralized website on the web and provide numerous benefits in addition to technological improvements in the sector.

Do decentralized domains vary in any way from conventional domains?

Traditional domains are built on centralized networks operated by the user and owned by a third party. Even though you may have admin rights and access keys to the website, the data is controlled by the third company managing the centralized web.

Traditional domains differ a lot from decentralized domains. A traditional domain utilizes a centralized dispute resolution. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages all the traditional domains. It offers uniform domain names, centralized dispute resolution mechanisms, and dispute resolution policies for curating traditional websites.

Decentralized domains allow the user to host a decentralized website. It also allows you to control and manage the website without third-party interference. To vandalize ICANN’s dependency and regulations.

The security measures possessed by decentralized websites are high as they acclaim blockchain technology. The web is evolving toward web3 with a decentralized twist focusing on user authority and rights.

The market is still in its infancy. While many attempts to secure premium domains to host a decentralized website on the web3, Now is the ideal time for investors to grow their portfolios and start enterprises on the web.

Quik.com offers TLDs with extensions like metaverse, virtual reality, web3, and many others that are quickly acquiring renown and notoriety and will soon take over the web due to rising demand.


The domains on Quik.com offer their users sole ownership of any digital asset paired with the domain. Domains such as .metaverse and .vr are top-level domains on the Ethereum Blockchain and are available on Quik.com to obtain early access.

These domains’ distinctive nature and prominent features prevent them from being cloned or copied once registered. These decentralized domains can also be used to curate decentralized websites to entice users to use web3.

The Quik ecosystem has been developing quickly, and for quik.com customers who own web3 domains, there is still a tonne of things to be discovered and introduced. The user is also given access to the web and the developing metaverse. The metaverse and the web3 are linked.

The extensions metaverse domains, VR domains, web3 domains, chain domains, and many others are available on Quik.com. Due to the early stages of web3, few users are yet aware of the profitable nature these domains possess.

Perks of minting domain on Quik.com

Business and technical organizations are obtaining domains to host decentralized websites. Obtaining a web3 domain gets you an advantage in the competition while other entities are battling to acquire domains on the other side of what you already own.

Tech organizations are vying for the most distinctive domain names to establish themselves on the web with a decentralized domain and dominate the market. You can publish material on the web if you construct a decentralized website using a metaverse domain.

Users can quickly find your content because your domain is connected to a TLD and is an extension of the metaverse, the internet of the future, where the content is released.

Top-Level Domains on Quik.com

  • .metaverse
  • .vr
  • .web3
  • .chain
  • .i
  • .address
  • .bored
  • .shib

You can host your decentralized website on the web3 using these names, or you can use them to access the metaverse. Each domain has a distinctive quality, so every tech investor needs to be familiar with the 9 TLDs offered on Quik.com.

They are eager to expand their portfolio by investing in these domains as assets because of their knowledge and experience in the rapidly expanding technical field.

Once you own a domain, you are entitled to a 5%-7% fee on all sales made using your domain. Although there are differences in how your domain is used across the Quik ecosystem and its developing technology.

How to mint a domain on Quik.com?

Before minting your domain, you must first connect your digital wallet to the Quik ecosystem. Once your digital wallet is connected, it will allow you to curate transactions and mint your domain.

Check Quik.com for the domain you want to buy. You can confirm and mint the transaction through your digital wallet if the domain is available.

However, if the specific domain you’re trying to register is not available, it means another user has already acquired it. By negotiating with the user on the Quick P2P marketplace, you can buy the domain from them.

The domain you obtain can be used to create a decentralized website or can also be stored as an asset. Investing in the domain on Quik.com indicated an investment in web3, the internet’s future, and the metaverse.

With many untapped potentials and hidden gems, this investment is full of potential.

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