On Wednesday, the layer two scaling solution that leverages optimistic rollup technology, Boba Network has revealed it now supports the proof-of-stake (PoS) network Avalanche. According to the Boba Network team, the new Avalanche support will produce “faster transactions and lower fees.”

Boba Network Integrates With the Avalanche PoS Blockchain

Boba Network, the layer two (L2) scaling project introduced Boba AVAX L2 on Wednesday via the team’s Twitter account. “We’re over the slopes to announce our partnership as an official scaling solution for Avalanche,” Boba said. “Avalanche offers blazing fast speeds, low costs, and eco-friendly solutions: Boba AVAX L2 holds true to those values and enhances it further.”

Boba is already connected with the Ethereum (ETH) network and at the time of writing, l2fees.info stats show Boba’s fee to move ether today is $0.17, and to swap tokens the estimated price is $0.30. That is cheaper than the current 34 gwei ($0.96) to send ether onchain, according to etherscan.io’s gas tracking tool. A high-priority decentralized exchange (dex) swap can cost $8.47 per transaction onchain, so Boba’s $0.30 cost to swap, is 96.45% cheaper.

“Faster transactions, lower fees: Boba AVAX L2 is catered for all heavy transactions, throughput-reliant protocols [and] anyone wanting to be part of the next generation,” Boba further declared on Wednesday. The team further explained it is joining partner decentralized applications (dapps) like Sushiswap and Evoverses with the new support. Boba added:

While Sushi will be deploying their Legacy Swap on Boba AVAX L2, Evoverses’ will be joining with their 3D PvP gameplay, powered by the Unreal Engine 5 [and] Hybrid Compute to help the game scale and reach its full potential.

L2 projects like Boba Network have been partnering with a great deal of industry heavyweights and blockchain networks in recent times. Opensea recently detailed the leading NFT marketplace has added Arbitrum support and the NFT market competitor Rarible revealed Immutable X support. Arbitrum, Immutable X, and Boba Network are all L2 projects and other competitors include Loopring, Zksync, Optimism, Metis, Polygon Hermez, and Aztec.

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