Do you see yourself as the next entrepreneur, prominent software developer or just someone looking to break into decentralised industries of the future? An exciting and upcoming Hackathon for the TRON community will allow you to not only win funding for your idea and project, but get noticed by industry big-wigs and also have the opportunity to be introduced to potential high-level partners.

Your Chance to Get Recognition and Funding

The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3, launched by the TRON DAO and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), is about to start accepting applications soon. The widely popular TRON network has over 110 million user accounts on the blockchain, so this is an opportunity to make a real impact on the world. Apply to join the event at Trondao.org to find out if you have what it takes to win.

The Hackathon will have a $1.2 million prize pool for winners in six tracks:

  1. DeFi – From where it originally started, DeFi continues to be a crucial movement for the crypto space as it enables financial services to operate in an open, accessible, and more transparent digital form. The DeFi track focuses on looking for innovative DeFi solutions that are providing accessible financial services to billions of people.
  2. GameFi – The future of gaming is on the blockchain. Entertainment meets web 3.0. This track focuses on finding and developing the next big game idea.
  3. NFT Supported by APENFT, the NFT track embraces creator economies by giving NFT creators both financial benefits and technical support so that their work can reach its full potential. In addition, it looks to empower developers who create novel NFT applications.
  4. Web3 – This track focuses on discovering projects who are helping bring the future of the Web to billions of users.
  5. Ecosystem – The first iteration of this Ecosystem track will be mainly focused on Ethereum-based projects (both PoW and PoS) to incentivise ETH developers to work on cross-chain functionality by utilizing the BitTorrent Chain, as well as others, bridging solutions, allowing major L1 blockchains to be linked, and explore the TRON ecosystem at large.
  6. Academy – The TRON Academy track is focused on doing a real-life event for enrolled university students in a ‘Hacker House’ fashion and allowing them to experience the TRON culture and potentially win prizes for developing on TRON.

Why You Should Join the TRON Grand Hackathon

Commencing a few months ago, Season 2 of the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 was a resounding success. It had over 1800 participants, with winners sharing the aggregate bounty of $1 million spread between four tracks: Web3, NFT, GameFi, and DeFi. The high level of participation means that many talented developers have created new projects that will enrich the whole TRON ecosystem for millions of users.

Similar to season 2, there will be judge-voted winners and community-voted winners. The list of judges includes esteemed industry experts, institutional professionals, and key opinion leaders in the blockchain community, bringing multi-perspective thought leadership in evaluating the wide range of Hackathon projects. Along with revolutionary leadership, mentorship from the judges and feedback, the Hackathon also supported winners with various resources, including potential funding opportunities, liquidity, and integration with partner exchanges.

To learn more about the TRON network, check out the latest developments on Telegram, Discord, Reddit, GitHub, and Twitter.

To learn more about how to get involved and the prize amounts, be sure to check the TRON DAO Forum page.

Apply to join the event at Trondao.org!



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