With a total search score of 377, Singapore is the top-ranked nation among countries most interested in the Ethereum blockchain’s upcoming The Merge, a new Coingecko study has found. The same study also found that among the top eight ranked countries, proof-of-work (PoW) related searches are 169% higher than PoS (proof-of-stake) searches.

ETH Merge Searches

According to a new Coingecko study seeking to determine the countries most interested in the Ethereum (ETH) Merge event, Singapore tops the list “with a total search score of 377.” The country was found to have the highest search levels for the phrases “Ethereum Merge,” “ETH Classic,” and “Ethereum” worldwide.

Canada and Switzerland are tied in second place with a score of 286. As per the study’s findings, while Switzerland mostly searched for “ETH” and “ETH Merge,” Canada, on the other hand, scored the highest in terms of “ETH POW,” the acronym for the ethereum proof-of-work consensus mechanism.

The research study, which was carried out between July 1 and September 4, 2022, also found that Germany, the U.S., and Turkey have the “highest search levels for the term Ethereum POW.” The Netherlands and Australia rank “third and fourth in search levels for ETH Merge.”

The study also found that among the top eight countries, PoW-related searches are 169% higher than PoS searches. On the other hand, “ETH” searches are 40% more than “Ethereum Classic” or “ETH Classic” searches.

Ethereum Hard Fork

Commenting on the study’s findings, Bobby Ong, COO and co-founder of Coingecko said:

Anticipation for the Merge is at an all-time high, as its effects will ripple throughout the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. The top 8 rankings in this list seem to encompass countries with strong Ethereum communities, which might explain their high search scores in this study.

Ong also noted that a slew of miners may want to continue mining and this is likely to result in the creation of “multiple contentious hard forks post-Merge.” According to the co-founder, it is this likelihood of such hard forks that has led to a surge in search terms like “Ethereum POW” and “ETH POW” over the past two months.

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