Venom Foundation Is Boosting MENA Crypto Adoption

Today’s entrepreneurs in the MENA area are regarded as the forerunners in adopting global crypto trends; thus, enterprises must explore decentralization for commercial, governmental, and social initiatives.

The first cryptocurrency foundation in the ADGM with permission to run a blockchain and issue utility tokens has been registered as Venom Foundation. ADGM is well recognized as a fintech haven. The debut of Venom Blockchain, the next critical stage, will be disclosed soon.

Venom blockchain is an innovative technology that has achieved an unparalleled worldwide leap by offering the industry limitless scalability and more robust security assurances with decentralization. It is a pioneer in three key areas, including infrastructure, support for inbound projects, and developer-friendly platforms, each of which provides fresh approaches for resolving long-standing problems in the cryptocurrency industry.

A groundbreaking objective

The creation and promotion of a self-sufficient blockchain ecosystem is the primary goal of the Venom Foundation, and this goal has already produced notable outcomes. It will collaborate with ecosystem members to ensure that such items are supplied in a compliant way inside the dependable and well-regulated environment of ADGM, subject to the necessary regulatory clearances.

As a reminder, Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) was inaugurated on October 2015 to bolster Abu Dhabi’s position as a worldwide hub for business and finance and acts as a vital connection between the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and the rest of the globe. For its efforts and contributions to the regional financial and capital markets industry, ADGM was named Financial Centre of the Year for two years.

Blackrock Influence

The Foundation is supported by top executives, such as Peter Knez, PhD, former global chief investment officer at BlackRock is in the mix, a well-known, seasoned business leader and investor in the expertise of fintech with a primary emphasis on data-driven decision-making. Also, the founder of Knex Ventures, a force to be reckoned with, we expect big things from Venom.

The bottom line

Involvement from renowned market professionals and industry leaders in the development and possible launch of the Venom Blockchain makes it a fascinating initiative for beta testers and trailblazers. People that are willing to try new things are the ones who will be the first to use the Venom blockchain. Mustafa Kheriba and Dr Kai-Uwe Steck, both members of the Foundation, have given the project’s team their undivided attention and expertise.






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