During his intervention at the 13 P.M. JT this Wednesday, March 22, 2023, Emmanuel Macron wore a watch that disappeared during an interview. Enough for some to accuse the president of wearing a luxury watch while he was talking about pensions and the French in difficulty.

French President Emmanuel Macron wearing a luxury watch

Deceptive appearances. Since this Wednesday and the presidential interview of Wednesday 22, many observers have been wondering about an element that many viewers have probably not seen: while Emmanuel Macron was wearing a watch at the beginning of his intervention, the latter then disappeared. 

More than enough for some to interpret this change, on the verge of a head of state who asked the population for efforts on pensions and spoke of "smicards" to evoke the French in difficulty, with a luxury watch on his wrist...

"He discreetly removes his pretty luxury watch"

On Twitter, the LFI deputy Clémence Guetté thus denounced: "When talking about the smicards who have never gained so much purchasing power, he discreetly removes his pretty luxury watch, under the table."

And other Internet users to affirm that the watch on Emmanuel Macron's wrist cost "80,000 euros" and to denounce a "provocation" by the President of the Republic. 

\ud83d\udd34 Missed | That moment when Emmanuel Macron, the President of the rich, realizes that he is wearing an €80,000 watch while he is banging on people at the RSA and discreetly takes it off.

Yes, nothing escapes me in the face of this liar! #Macron13h #Greve23Mars #demonstration #manif23mars pic.twitter.com/dXFN7qVtPC

— JLMTV-NEWS (@JLMTV_INFOS) March 23, 2023

Since then, and while some media have sometimes relayed these claims, the Elysee Palace has made it known that it was simply fake news...

The watch is banging on the table

Because if Emmanuel Macron has indeed taken off his watch, it is not "for the sake of concealing it but because he had just hit it brutally against the table. The noise is clearly audible a few seconds before," explained Emmanuel Macron's entourage to Gala.

Emmanuel Macron who would like to hide his watch at 80,000 euros?

It looks like a fake controversy:

1. He wears it often

2. It is a € 2,500 model in the colors of the Security Group of the Presidency of the Republic (GSPR)

3. She seems to be getting in the way by banging the table pic.twitter.com/pvnvqLFsWj

— Raphael Grably (@GrablyR) March 23, 2023

As for the value of the watch, if indeed a "smicard" can indeed not afford it, it is not a luxury watch at "80,000 euros": "The president has been wearing a Bell & Ross BRV192 watch, personalized with the coat of arms of the Presidency of the Republic, for more than a year and a half", explains the Elysée Palace to our colleagues specifying that it is a model around 2,000 euros.

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