Atomic Wallet Hack: Team Claims No Assets Have Been Lost in More Than 40 Hours

The Atomic Wallet team claimed on June 4 that the hacking incident in which digital assets worth nearly $35 million were stolen has only affected less than 1% of its monthly active users. The team also promised to report “victim addresses to major exchanges & blockchain analytics to trace and block the stolen funds.”

Atomic Wallet Team Says No Drained Transactions Reported in More Than 40 Hours

Just under 48 hours after digital assets worth approximately $35 million were stolen from users of the Atomic Wallet, the team behind the decentralized wallet claimed in a tweet on June 4 that under “1% of monthly active users have been affected/reported.” The team added that the last confirmed drain of user assets had occurred more than 40 hours earlier.

As reported by News, the statistics of the hack suggested that one individual had lost close to $8 million, while five individuals were thought to account for nearly half of the stolen funds. The Atomic Wallet team initially responded to the ensuing user complaints by promising to investigate and analyze the hacking incident.

However, more than 24 hours after confirming the hack, the Atomic Wallet team said investigations were still ongoing and that efforts were underway to block the stolen funds.

“Security investigation is ongoing. We report victim addresses to major exchanges & blockchain analytics to trace and block the stolen funds,” the Atomic Wallet team said in the tweet.

Users Asked to Be Wary of Twitter Accounts Promising Refunds

Meanwhile, an onchain sleuth going by the name Zachxbt on Twitter has warned users of the wallet to be wary of phishing scammers using fake Atomic Wallet accounts. Unlike the blue checkmark Twitter handle which has been used by the Atomic Wallet to communicate with users, the parody account has a gold checkmark.

As shown in the screenshot of the scam account shared by Zachxbt on Twitter, the phishing scammers are attempting to lure victims of the hack by asking them to inquire if they are eligible for a refund. While the Atomic Wallet team responded to the warning by thanking Zachxbt, one report suggested that the scammers may have already stolen more funds via this tactic.

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