PRESS RELEASE. Turkey, Istanbul – Hagia Sophia, the renowned architectural marvel that has captivated civilizations throughout history, finds a new tribute in the world of digital assets – the GLI Token. This unique cryptocurrency serves as a celebration of Hagia Sophia’s spirit and value, while also striving to promote its historical and cultural significance on a global scale. Inspired by the beloved feline resident, Gli, who has become an emblem of Hagia Sophia, GLI Token has garnered widespread attention from both the cryptocurrency community and visitors to the iconic structure.

Honoring Hagia Sophia’s Legacy with GLI Token

The creation of GLI Token pays homage to the charming cat, Gli, whose presence within Hagia Sophia has touched the hearts of countless individuals. More than just a digital currency, GLI Token serves as a platform to showcase the exceptional uniqueness of Hagia Sophia, cherished and revered by diverse cultures and beliefs over the centuries. By bringing GLI Token into existence, its creators aim to underscore the everlasting historical and cultural legacy of this architectural masterpiece.

Rarity and Value as Core Tenets

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, GLI Token stands out due to its carefully limited total supply, symbolizing rarity and extraordinary value. The conscious decision to maintain a low total supply sets the stage for potential value appreciation as demand escalates. It is worth noting that no tokens were reserved for promotion or allocated to the project’s team, affirming a commitment to community-driven and transparent management practices.

A Community-Driven Endeavor

GLI Token stands as a testament to the principles of fairness and inclusivity. The team responsible for GLI Token has decided against receiving any tokens for distribution, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to encouraging widespread support and active participation from the cryptocurrency community. The resounding success of GLI Token is a testament to the strong backing and recognition it has received from its growing community of enthusiasts.

GLI Token: A Growing Phenomenon

Since its inception, GLI Token has rapidly gained traction within the cryptocurrency realm and has simultaneously captured the admiration of visitors to Hagia Sophia. The versatility of the token enables users to access exclusive events and memorabilia, as well as avail various utilities within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The unique association of GLI Token with the revered historical monument makes it an alluring investment opportunity for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and supporters alike.

CoinW and Bitforex Listings – A New Milestone

Building upon its remarkable journey, GLI Token is set to achieve a significant milestone as it is scheduled to be listed on the prestigious CoinW and Bitforex exchanges on July 28. With a modest circulation of only 200,000 tokens, the excitement surrounding GLI Token continues to grow, with ongoing promotional efforts to support its presence in the market. Official announcements regarding the listings can be found on GLI Token’s website and social media channels.


As GLI Token continues to pave the way for the intersection of history and technology, it stands as a profound tribute to the enduring legacy of Hagia Sophia and its endearing feline resident, Gli. Through this cryptocurrency, the world celebrates the spirit and value of Hagia Sophia, honoring its historical significance and cultural importance.

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