Openai Announces Chatgpt App for Android Devices

Artificial intelligence (AI) research lab Openai announced it’s launching an Android version of its Chatgpt chatbot. The application, which will be available for download next week, comes after recent updates of Google’s Bard and a report revealing that Apple is working on its own chatbot service.

Android Users to Have Chatgpt in Their Pockets, Openai Says

Microsoft-funded AI developer Openai is releasing an Android app for its chatbot powered by artificial intelligence technology, Chatgpt. It will be rolling out to users next week, the company said, but can be pre-ordered in the Google Play Store since Friday.

With the application, people with Android phones will have Chatgpt in their pockets, the company added, promising them its latest advancements. The app will be free and allow users to synchronize chatbot history across multiple devices, according to the app’s Play Store page.

The groundbreaking Chatgpt, built upon Openai’s large language models (LLMs), was launched at the end of November 2022. It has since fascinated millions of users of its web browser version with the ability to understand natural language and generate responses in multiple languages. Although, a recent study claims that the chatbot’s latest models are giving less accurate answers.

Chatgpt’s Android app will not share user information with third party organizations and businesses, Openai explained. The data is encrypted and transferred over a secure connection and users will be able to request to be deleted. The Android premiere comes two months after the company presented a Chatgpt application for iOS devices.

Chatgpt’s immense popularity spurred a race in the tech sector to offer competitive alternatives. In February, Microsoft’s search engine Bing integrated a chatbot feature based on Openai’s GPT-4 LLM. Google released its AI chatbot called Bard in a limited capacity in March and it was updated with new features in July. Investor Elon Musk, who was initially involved in Openai, also announced plans to launch a platform he called “Truthgpt.”

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple has been quietly developing AI-based tools to rival the products of Openai, Google and others. Sources familiar with the ongoing work claim that the company which makes iPhone has built a framework named “Ajax” to create LLMs and a chatbot service referred to by some as “Apple GPT.”

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