During a Twitter Spaces event on Wednesday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic U.S. presidential contender, revealed that he acquired 14 bitcoin for his children. This announcement comes on the heels of financial documents filed on June 30, 2023, which indicated his ownership of the leading cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Supporter Robert Kennedy Jr Purchases 14 Bitcoin for His Kids

On July 26, 2023, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined Scott Melker, also known as the Wolf of All Streets, in a Twitter Spaces gathering. An avid bitcoin (BTC) supporter, Kennedy recently revealed a proposal to back the U.S. dollar with bitcoin while speaking at a Heal-the-Divide event if elected president.

Kennedy confirmed his bitcoin ownership during Wednesday’s Twitter Spaces discussion with Melker, following reports that surfaced in early July about his cryptocurrency holdings. “Right after the Bitcoin Conference, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and bought two bitcoin for each of my seven children,” Kennedy shared with Melker and the audience.

In response to Marty Bent’s inquiry about states such as New York targeting bitcoin mining and the potential presidential action, Kennedy admitted that he was uncertain of his ability to influence state-level decisions as president. However, he stated that environmental criticisms of bitcoin (BTC) were largely unfounded. Kennedy commented:

I believe the environmental arguments against bitcoin are mostly smoke screens, to obscure the real motives for suppressing bitcoin — Bitcoin threatens the monopoly on money.

The Democratic presidential hopeful also discussed how fiat currencies have enabled governments to finance never-ending wars and unwarranted environmental initiatives. He attributed these detrimental consequences to the “terrible outcomes of fiat currency.” In a survey conducted by Harvard CAPS-Harris and published in June, Kennedy garnered 15% backing from a segment of Democratic primary voters. Notably, 21% of the individuals polled expressed a positive perception of him.

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