Sam Altman Backed Worldcoin Reaches 2 Million Signups

Worldcoin, a startup that aims to build the “world’s largest identity and financial network as a public utility,” has reached two million sign-ups. The company, which uses its biometric World ID system to differentiate human beings, stated it has more than doubled the number of sign-ups since January when it reported having passed its first million.

Worldcoin Passes 2 Million Sign-Ups

The Worldcoin project, a startup building an identity database of users as a public utility, has reached two million sign-ups using its World ID protocol. The company — which is backed by Openai co-founder Sam Altman — reported that these sign-ups came via people registering from cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo, as part of the “world tour” announced in May. Overall, Worldcoin is registering more than 40,000 sign-ups each week.

The World ID protocol requires using special hardware devices for users to register to prove their “uniqueness and humanness in a privacy-preserving way.” The device, called the Orb, reads the user’s iris using two cameras and stores a high-definition image.

The cities mentioned have been provided with several Orbs, allowing users to scan their irises at selected locations. Worldcoin stated that it reached two million sign-ups in less than half the time it took them to score the first million.

On reaching this milestone, Worldcoin stated:

Achieving 2 million World ID sign-ups is more than just an accomplishment for the Worldcoin community; it’s also a significant milestone in the broader global effort to make digitally-verifiable identity more accessible to everyone.

Worldcoin reported that, in response to the growing demand for verified World IDs, it will ramp up the availability of Orbs in the coming months. The project is still in its beta phases.

Integration Growing

The startup also stated its World ID protocol was being integrated into other apps, which are taking advantage of its identification database. To ease its integration tasks, Auth0, a company that provides identity and authentication services for third parties, developed a “sign in with Worldcoin” integration plugin, allowing the protocol to be used in tens of thousands of applications using Auth0’s services.

Also, Talent Protocol, a Web3 developer social platform, recently announced that it included World ID as one of the various ways of getting verified. Talent Protocol’s Pedro Oliveria stated:

Human verification is a fundamental trust component for any builders community.

Worldcoin launched its World App in May, designed to serve as a wallet that supports the World ID protocol and get Worldcoin tokens, which the company intends to give as a sort of universal basic income (UBI) for verified users.

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