Worldcoin Migrates to Optimism

Worldcoin, the decentralized ID and wallet protocol, has migrated its operations to Optimism, an Ethereum L2 scaling layer. With this move, Worldcoin aims to prepare for its future launch, taking advantage of the scalability features that its deployment on Optimism brings, including migrating user accounts and bringing Uniswap support to the World App.

Worldcoin Migrates Protocol to Optimism Mainnet

Worldcoin, the biometric decentralized identity and wallet protocol, has announced it has completed the migration process to switch its operations from Polygon to Optimism, an Ethereum L2 scaling layer. In February, the protocol decided to migrate its World App and World ID apps to Optimism, stating it was “committed to realizing a scalable, inclusive future that unlocks the full potential of crypto and furthers the evolution of identity on the blockchain.”

This migration comprehends the creation of bridges for the World ID protocol from Ethereum to Polygon and Optimism. Also, most World App users’ accounts have been migrated to Optimism. The few remaining will be invited to migrate at the start of the app, a process that will take 90 seconds on average.

Worldcoin already has registered more than 2 million signups, coming principally from countries like Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo, which have set up several Orbs, the biometric devices needed to include users by reading their irises and registering their information in the protocol.

The Benefits for Optimism

Worldcoin’s migration conforms to the new concept of “super chain” that Optimism has engineered, promoting the interoperability of several chains on top of the L2 platform, turning it into a “platform for chains.” Base, the Coinbase-built Ethereum L2 scaling layer, is also another of the projects that are being built on top of Optimism.

The integration of World ID on top of Optimism will bring the advantages of this decentralized protocol to the L2 layer, allowing its core functions to include ID validation services for different purposes. For example, Worldcoin states that its ID capabilities might enhance the functionality of the Citizens House, a governance component seeking to help retroactively allocate funding to significant “public goods” of the protocol.

Also, Worldcoin mentions that its integration might also help power Optimism’s Attestation Station, providing the needed ID verifications of any party to be part of the signing of any document to be kept as part of the super chain.

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