Bitcoin Miner Genesis Digital Assets Opens 3 New Data Centers in South Carolina

Genesis Digital Assets (GDA), one of the world’s largest bitcoin mining companies, has opened three new data centers in the western region of South Carolina. The facilities represent GDA’s continued expansion in the United States, where its data centers now account for over 2% of Bitcoin’s total hashrate.

Genesis Digital Assets Reveals 3 New South Carolina-Based Mining Facilities

According to GDA, the first facility opened near Anderson in February and has a capacity of 18 megawatts (MW). Two more data centers launched in March between Union and Lockhart, adding 15 MW. By opening the sites, GDA disclosed it created about 150 local jobs and contracted 95% of the construction work to South Carolinians.

“I am extremely proud of the entire GDA team for opening these new facilities in only a few months,” said Ankit Joshi, the head of North America for GDA. “We were impressed to see how these local communities welcomed us so warmly as an opportunity for their economy.”

The company’s announcement highlights that abundant clean energy factored into the location selection. The Pacolet center is near hydroelectric plants, while Anderson utilizes environmentally friendly transformers. GDA says the data centers will further strengthen the local grid by returning excess power.

Twelve months ago, Genesis Digital Assets revealed it had acquired the capacity to mine with approximately 708 MW of electricity. At that time, the company mined bitcoin in four locations in Texas and one location in North Carolina. The company boasts of having built more than 20 industrial-scale mining farms in North America, Europe, and Central Asia.

“The opening of these new data centers is perfectly in line with our commitment to expand our fleet on clean energy resources,” said GDA CEO Andrey Kim. “Our goal is to be industry leaders and show the world that bitcoin mining can be very ESG-friendly.”

GDA is not the only mining operation that is expanding. In 2023, several firms have announced that they have purchased thousands of machines and broken ground on new facilities. A $20 million crypto mining farm is set to be built at a hydropower plant in Kyrgyzstan, according to reports last week. Additionally, a study published in late June found that the bitcoin mining industry is “one of the largest users of sustainable energy.”

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