PRESS RELEASE. London, United Kingdom, August 18th, 2023, ElmonX proudly presents the Charles Salvador ‘Bronson’ NFT Collection. This exclusive edition release captures the raw and intense art of Charles Salvador, previously known as Charles Bronson, and represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of his creative genius.

Charles Salvador ‘Bronson’ | ElmonX

There will be four pieces:

· Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum (Rarity: Common)

· Dare to Dream (Rarity: Uncommon)

· Insanity is Alive and Kicking (Rarity: Rare)

· Bedlam Insanity (Rarity: Prestige)

About Charles Salvador ‘Bronson’:

Since embarking on his artistic path in 1994, Charlie has dedicated himself to creating thousands of paintings, doodles, caricatures, and other works, reflecting the brutality and madness of prison life. His honours, global exhibitions, and the movie “Bronson” stand testament to his artistic genius, reaching beyond confinement to inspire and evoke.

The Charles Salvador ‘Bronson’ Collection:

Delve into the captivating realm of Charles Bronson’s art on prison paper — an extraordinary showcase of creativity that flourishes even within the confines of incarceration. Bronson’s art, meticulously crafted on the textured canvas of prison paper, embodies a fusion of emotions, experiences, and artistic ingenuity.

With every stroke and meticulous detail, he transforms this unconventional medium into a gateway to his innermost thoughts, providing a unique perspective into the mind of an artist who discovered liberation through artistic expression. Each artwork stands as a testament to the boundless power of creativity, transcending physical limitations and underscoring that true artistry knows no barriers, not even the walls of a prison.

400 Digital Collectables will be available to purchase for £50.00 via credit card and ETH*, available only via public sale while supplies last at ElmonX.com.

Key Information:

Random Rarity Release Sale: Saturday, 19th August 10AM PT

Price: £50.00
Editions: 400 (13 Reserved)
License: Charles Salvador ‘Bronson’

Available Globally at ElmonX:

Random Rarity: How it Works

This unique approach redefines the traditional NFT drop, infusing an element of anticipation and chance that keeps collectors on the edge of their seats.

The concept is simple, yet exhilarating. Each NFT is assigned to a particular rarity level. There are four rarity tiers, each with its own limited-edition count:

· Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum — 175 editions

· Dare to Dream — 125 editions

· Insanity is Alive and Kicking — 75 editions

· Bedlam Insanity — 25 editions

Upon purchasing an NFT from the collection, collectors won’t know which rarity level they’ve acquired until the moment of revelation!

· Rarity’s to be revealed within 24H after the drop

Chances and Possibilities:

Let’s break down the excitement further by exploring the chances associated with each rarity:

· Common Rarity: With 175 editions available, collectors have a 52.5% chance of receiving a common NFT.

· Uncommon Rarity: 125 editions result in a 37.5% chance of obtaining an uncommon NFT.

· Rare Rarity: A more elusive find, collectors have a 18.75% chance of securing a rare NFT from the 75 available editions.

· Prestige Rarity: The epitome of rarity, with only 25 editions in existence. Collectors daring enough to try for this rarity level have a 6.25% chance of attaining it.

How to Purchase:

The NFT collection is available for purchase at https://elmonx.com/ on a first-come, first-served basis. Each person is entitled to purchase 4 collectibles per transaction.

As buyers proceed with the checkout process, they will be required to input their Ethereum (ETH) address and then mark the checkbox to make the payment using a card or ETH. After making their selection and clicking the buy button, a popup will emerge for them to finalize the payment for their NFT. Following a successful payment, this NFT will be minted into their wallet, undergoing a brief waiting duration for the transaction to confirm on the blockchain.

*Please note that currently, only MetaMask is available for ETH transactions. Transactions will incur an added gas fee which will fluctuate. ETH transactions can only be used on a desktop or laptop.

Buyers must be logged into the ElmonX.com website with a registered account. This will be the same as their app login username and password. It is suggested to setup an account before the launch and confirming one’s email.

Please note that ElmonX cannot be held responsible if buyers mistakenly enter an incorrect ETH address during checkout.

Additional Information:

ElmonX will retain Edition #1 of each rarity and another 9 editions.

The distribution of mint editions is sequential through Crossmint (note that there is no sequence to the rarity’s this will be random order).

This collection comprises a total of 400 editions (not four separate collections) For instance, if a buyer acquires the prestige edition (numbered 25), it will be one of the 400 minted editions.

Each edition will be numbered in addition to the mint, for example mint number 300/400 might have the trait 16/25.

ElmonX 3D / Augmented Reality:

The purchase of any Charles Salvador ‘Bronson’ edition unlocks exclusive access to view your NFT in augmented reality by connecting your wallet to ElmonX.com. This feature is only accessible to holders of the NFT. Holders can scan a barcode to view the AR / 3D NFT on mobile as well as desktop.

Secondary Market Fees:

A 10% secondary market fee will be applied to the Charles Salvador ‘Bronson’ collection in the secondary market. Additional fees may be applied by external marketplaces such as Open Sea.

Born For Art & Art Is The Cure:

A portion of the profits from the NFT sales will be contributed to two worthy causes.

Born For Art:

Founded by Charlie, Richard and Oliver, the Born for Art Foundation provides young people from underprivileged backgrounds with art supplies, equipment, and resources. The foundation focuses on overall well-being, educational enhancement, and healing with a mission transcending mere artistic exploration.

Richard’s visionary leadership, particularly his six-year lead of two AR learning projects focusing on prison education, has earned international acclaim, even presenting at the United Nations. His efforts align seamlessly with the foundation’s goal of reducing reoffending and enabling law-abiding lives upon release.

Art Is The Cure:

Is an acclaimed non-profit organization, focuses on promoting creativity therapy and raising awareness. Founded by artists and supported by a vibrant community of over 22,000 like-minded individuals, their mission is to inspire healthy creative outlets and become a catalyst for positive change.

About ElmonX:

ElmonX seamlessly integrates with an unalterable and highly secure distributed database of digital assets. By leveraging decentralized and immutable blockchain systems, ElmonX ensures transparent tracking of product origins and traceability across the entire supply chain. Collectors can utilize augmented reality to visualize and engage with the NFTs, adjusting the scale of the assets to perfectly suit their surroundings.

The ElmonX mobile apps are now available in beta, allowing collectors to reserve their username and join the waitlist. With a particular emphasis on licensed products, ElmonX aims to enhance the NFT collecting experience, particularly in the realm of art, through various offerings such as digital products, animation, and immersive experiences.

ElmonX will plant a tree for every sale made. They can be viewed their virtual forest here: https://ecologi.com/ElmonX

To stay up to date, follow ElmonX on social media: https://linktr.ee/elmonx

For complete information, visit: https://elmonx.com/

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London, UK





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