‘Nuances Exist’ Among BRICS Members Regarding Bloc’s Expansion, Kremlin Admits

The enlargement of BRICS will be “near the top of the agenda” at the organization’s summit in August, the Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told media. While recognizing the importance of the topic, Peskov indicated that participants in the meeting will likely discuss some differences on the matter.

Expansion-Related Issues to Be Determined During BRICS Summit, Putin’s Spokesman Says

With a growing number of nations either applying formally or showing interest in joining the BRICS group of developing economies, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, highlighted expansion as a key topic for the talks at the bloc’s top level meeting in Johannesburg later this month.

Expanding BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is “near the top of the agenda” and will be discussed at the upcoming BRICS summit, although nuances exist regarding expansion prospects, the Russian official told reporters.

“This is a very important topic because we see that increasingly more countries are making statements about their intention to join this group,” Peskov elaborated, quoted by the Tass news agency. However, he also admitted:

Indeed, within the framework of BRICS certain nuances exist among members on the subject of expansion, and all these nuances certainly will be discussed during the upcoming summit.

The spokesman of the Kremlin administration was referring to a recent report by Bloomberg, based on sources familiar with the matter, which revealed that China’s push for a rapid enlargement of the economic bloc is facing opposition from India and Brazil.

Peskov remarked that expansion-related issues will be determined during the BRICS summit, scheduled to take place on Aug. 22–24, as “the heads of state will talk about their position.” Russia’s president will not attend in person but will take part in the forum via video link.

“Overall, such a [high level of] interest in the BRICS group is indicative of the association’s great potential and growing authority, and, most importantly, of the hands-on nature of the group,” the representative of the Russian president emphasized.

At their summit, BRICS leaders are expected to review official applications submitted by candidates to join the organization which seeks to expand its economic and geopolitical influence on the global stage. The large number of potential members has fueled concerns in the West about the alliance becoming a counterweight to the U.S. and the EU.

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