Venezuela Presents Official Request to Join BRICS

The government of Venezuela formalized its proposal to be part of BRICS, a geopolitical and economic bloc comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro explained that he hoped for a positive reception of the proposal by the nations that are part of the bloc.

Venezuela Officially Applies to Enter BRICS

Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, announced that the government had already presented an official application to join the BRICS bloc, comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. In a weekly TV program “Con Maduro Mas,” Maduro detailed that Venezuela hopes to join the organization to “learn, support and help” grow the bloc’s vision.

Maduro stated:

Venezuela made its proposal to join the group and we hope it will be positively valued by the nations that integrate it.

Maduro praised the role of the BRICS bloc in the international geopolitical arena, declaring that it constituted “the driving force behind the emergence of the multipolar world.”

Delcy Rodriguez, vice president of the country, explained that this application puts Venezuela close to developing new ways of economic cooperation “away from the unilateral hegemonism.”

It is expected BRICS will consider adding new members in the next summit to be held in South Africa later this month.

Venezuela’s Path to BRICS

Venezuela’s intention of trying to enter the BRICS bloc had been revealed by Maduro before. During an official visit to Brazil in May, Maduro stated that Venezuela wished to join the bloc to “accompany the construction of this new architecture, of the new world that is already being born.”

At the time, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva backed Maduro’s intentions, declaring that he favored Venezuela joining BRICS. He said Venezuela’s application would be discussed alongside other requests during the next BRICS meeting.

China and Russia also took Venezuela’s interest positively. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning told Sputnik that they welcomed “the early integration of the largest possible number of party partners to the great BRICS family.”

Meanwhile, the Russian foreign minister for Latin America, Alexandr Schetinin, commented that Maduro’s statements reflected the “growing authority that the BRICS are acquiring in the current international situation due to his point of view of what is happening.”

On July 25, Belarus, which had also applied to join the bloc, stated that at least 25 states presented formal requests to be part of BRICS.

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