The B2BinPay team has just announced the release of B2BinPay v17, a substantial update that polishes and perfects the crypto payment experience. As one of the industry leaders, B2BinPay has been a global go-to facilitator for crypto transactions. B2BinPay’s crypto solutions are celebrated for their simplicity of integration, allowing businesses worldwide to adopt cutting-edge crypto solutions without hassle.

The V17 version of the B2BinPay platform has further innovated on existing functionalities, introducing many new features, quality-of-life updates and fixes to accommodate the diverse requirements of merchants and enterprise clients.

Introducing the EUROC and TUSD Settlement Options

As the crypto landscape continues to be volatile and unpredictable, stablecoins ensure stability and reliability. Before v17, B2BinPay provided customers with five major settlement options: BTC, USDT, USDC, USD and EUR.

However, as the crypto landscape evolves rapidly, the v17 upgrade decided to broaden the stablecoin offerings with TrueUSD and Euro Coin, accommodating a wider range of stablecoin transaction options. V17 offers an impressive package of 14 coins, 14 stablecoins and 25 tokens, all automatically settled into the seven currencies mentioned above. The brand-new stablecoins are compatible with ERC20, BEP20, and TRC20 token standards, providing flexibility in managing crypto funds.

Introducing Euro Coin (EUROC) is a definite highlight for the platform. EUROC is a brand-new, Euro-backed stablecoin developed by Circle, responsible for creating USDC ($25B market cap). EUROC is a welcome addition to the stablecoin field for companies mainly within the European region.

Enhanced Currency Support

In recent years, B2BinPay has cemented itself as a provider of highly customisable, bespoke wallet solutions that satisfy specific requirements of various businesses. The platform has always supported an impressive portfolio of crypto assets, accommodating companies that wish to operate exclusively within the crypto landscape.

The v17 update further expands this sturdy foundation, providing token support for 14 stablecoins and 113 new tokens on 14 unique blockchain networks. The most popular offerings include Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, etc.

Updated Pricing

B2BinPay’s v17 update has also revised the platform pricing model, making it more competitive and accessible for users worldwide.

Let’s break it down. Merchants can set up their profile with all necessary functionalities for just $500. The commission fees have also been reduced from 0.5% to 0.4%. Moreover, B2BinPay offers a brand-new commission structure with just a 0.25% charge on transactions, which is a great option for companies with limited budgets.

Conversely, enterprise wallets can now be set up for just $1,000, compared to the previous setup charge of $1,500. However, the setup process now accommodates the smart contract activation process for several blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and TRON, and wallets for Ripple, Stellar, and Binance Coin.

B2BinPay has further emphasised the transparency of their setup costs, highlighting that setup charges include all relevant costs. Thus, no hidden fees will pop up after initialising the launch. Moreover, some new commission tiers go as low as 0.05% to accommodate the small to mid-sized businesses.

Enhanced UI and UX

The rates section on the B2BinPay platform now features filtering capabilities. Users can filter the search field by currency type or alphabetically. They can also select and save their favourite currencies. Enhanced search options and simplicity aim to create a smooth user experience. B2BinPay also provides thorough onboarding guidance, offering notes and explanations that simplify the platform navigation for newcomers.

Moreover, payout fees are now showcased in the default currency chosen by the users. They can also select custom fees, increasing the overall transparency of transaction charges.

Quality-of-Life Improvements and Functionality Upgrades

B2BinPay is continuously polishing its platform to provide a smooth experience and robust functionality. The v17 further adds quality-of-life features that elevate the ease of use. The updates include optimised dropdown menus with more varied search capabilities.

The platform has removed its function of 7-day invoice expiration, giving users more time to conduct their business. Additionally, the platform will now send report notifications to their users via email. Finally, v17 has added a much-desired feature for deleting obsolete wallets from the platform with just a single click.

Enterprise clients can sort their wallet tables by ID and currency. Moreover, the upgraded QR code generation now features token icons and every IP address in the IP whitelist can be added or removed with just a password confirmation.

Real-Time Customer Support Across Devices

Another excellent feature is the live notification system that displays the status of customer requests, including the “unread counter” that showcases the number of new tickets on the platform. With real-time custom support, users can expect prompt response times for their emerging issues.

Final Takeaways

B2BinPay v17 marks a significant date for the B2BinPay platform and its ability to provide flawless user experience for all clients. However, the v17 upgrade is far from the last major improvement presented by the platform, as B2BinPay developers are already working on v18 and v19.

To further strengthen the underlying wallet functionality and the variety of features, B2BinPay has partnered with Ledger, presenting limited-edition, custom Ledger Nano X wallets exclusively for their customers. B2BinPay is also a sponsor of the Athletic Club in the 2023/2024 La Liga Football competition. With the above-outlined v17 upgrades and high-profile partnerships, B2BinPay continues to prove its dedication to quality and excellent customer service across the board.






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