Bitboy Ben Armstrong Arrested During Live Stream Over Stolen Lambo

Crypto influencer Ben ‘Bitboy’ Armstrong has been reportedly arrested while livestreaming his attempt to confront a former business partner. Excerpts from the Youtube video released on social media show him explaining to police the reasons for his deed, including the alleged theft of his Lamborghini.

Bitboy Crypto Gets Detained in Front of Former Business Partner’s Residence

Crypto personality Ben Armstrong, also known as Bitboy Crypto, has been apparently arrested outside the house of an ex-business partner of his, Carlos Diaz. On Sept. 25, Armstrong appeared in front of his home where he was later met by law enforcement.

Bitboy livestreamed his attempt to confront Diaz on Youtube, alleging the latter had been extorting and threatening him while also having stolen his Lamborghini. The stream is interrupted while he is talking with police who arrived on the scene to search and question him.

During his conversation with the officers, Armstrong said he was unarmed but told them he had a gun in his car. He then revealed that a woman, whom he admittedly had an affair with, was also in the truck, adding she was “involved in the situation” and that his wife knew about it.

While members of the crypto community were buzzing with the news on X, formerly Twitter, adding details about the incident and even the full recording of the stream, a fresh listing by the Sheriff’s Department of Gwinnett County, Georgia was also shared in a number of posts.

Bitboy Ben Armstrong Arrested During Live Stream Over Stolen Lambo

According to the police record, which appeared online late on Monday, 40-year-old Benjamin Charles Armstrong was in jail. The booking was later updated to add a bond amount of $2,600.

Carlos Diaz, a consultant on the non-fungible token (NFT) market and an investor, also confirmed Bitboy’s visit, posting security camera footage on X showing Armstrong walking in front of his house with a smartphone and knocking on his door.

The news of the arrest comes after late last month, Ben Armstrong was removed from the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel and the brand with the same name. At the time, the parent company of Hit Network, which controls the popular channel, cited reasons such as Bitboy’s relapse into substance abuse and damages of various character he allegedly inflicted on employees and community members.

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