Coinshares Unveils New Crypto Hedge Fund Division, Widens Institutional Services to US

Coinshares, a European digital asset manager, is moving into the U.S. with a new hedge fund division aimed at institutional investors. The firm, based in Saint Helier, Jersey, intends to offer comprehensive services for institutions exploring crypto assets.

Coinshares Expands to U.S. With New Hedge Fund Division

The company revealed its new branch, Coinshares Hedge Fund Solutions, signifying its foundational emphasis as a crypto-centric hedge fund manager. Lewis Fellas, an asset manager with more than two decades of experience, including seven years in the digital assets sector, will lead this division.

Coinshares Unveils New Crypto Hedge Fund Division, Widens Institutional Services to US

The press release highlights the merger of Coinshares‘ ten years in crypto with the expertise the team has developed from proprietary trading since 2016. The firm holds that this experience equips it to produce competitive products comparable to those of mainstream financial entities.

“In a changing macro environment prominently marked by interest rates and inflation, the demand for actively managed exposure to digital assets is a natural progression,” remarked Coinshares CEO Jean-Marie Mognetti.

Mognetti added:

The new division signifies the latest step in Coinshares’ evolution.

Registered as a broker-dealer with FINRA, Coinshares will introduce the hedge fund offerings to eligible U.S. investors. The company noted in its release, “The long-awaited return of interest rate-driven volatility is a great opportunity that we plan to capture with our novel fund products.”

“Each product that will be offered is designed to mitigate counterparty risk whilst providing investors with clearly defined asset class and strategy exposures,” Fellas concluded.

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