In several short years, Duelbits have made a name for themselves in the crypto casino niche, becoming one of the de facto leaders in the sphere. With a firm commitment to innovation, they have made it a point to stand out from the crowd.

Recently, they have completely revamped their already sleek and stylish platform, presenting a streamlined and intuitive interface elevating the player experience to new heights.

The improvements are not solely relegated to the cosmetic aspects of the website, significant investments have been made in the technical department as well, with these upgrades resulting in silky smooth navigation capable of handling the ever-increasing number of gamers that have become Duelbits regulars.

Additionally, during the upgrade process, a mobile app has been developed, integrating the platform flawlessly with the mobile world, allowing for a 360-degree gaming experience without any limitations.

Hours upon hours of player behavior were tracked and studied, and special attention to even the tiniest of details was given to ensure the needs and wants of customers were met.

Security hasn’t been overlooked either, as the most cutting-edge measures have been implemented to guarantee the safety of funds and personal information at all times.

On its own, this would have been cool and all, but Duelbits has decided to take it a step further. To make sure the launch of their new platform was a memorable event, it only made sense to roll out a slew of bonuses and special offers, thus delighting the old guard of loyal players and attracting newcomers who are looking for a reputable and fair platform where they can gamble safely and with ease.

Let’s delve deeper into how exactly the rakeback bonus plays out.

Now, other casinos offer decent rakeback as well, but not many go to the same lengths Duelbits does, with their whopping 50% in rakeback bonuses.

This hefty number was portrayed as a celebratory moment for this new milestone in the Duelbits history.

(quick reminder on what a rakeback is, that is the percentage of the amount wagered to the house edge, that is given back to the player.)

Ace’s VIP lounge

If one is willing to go the extra mile, Duelbits has opened the all-new VIP lounge, for special guests who demand an exclusive experience and perks that aren’t available anywhere else.

The program works in a progressive fashion, not dissimilar to a videogame, making for a more personalized experience, as players increase their wagers, they unlock new levels, acquiring new unique bonuses and perks.

As they move up the tiers they earn a 12.5% cashback on their house edge wagers.

The ‘house edge” is the quantifiable advantage that the casino has over the players, typically expressed as a percentage of each bet.

The VIP services include an instant Rakeback which amounts to 10% of all the wagered house edge that can be claimed at any time and then a daily, weekly, and monthly rakeback of 5% on all wagers placed. With bonuses such as these, frankly, it’s no surprise that the player base at DuelBits is seeing incremental growth.

In the dynamic realm of crypto casinos, Duelbits has masterfully redefined the gaming experience by blending cutting-edge technology, unmatched security, and unparalleled player perks. Their platform overhaul is an emblem of dedication to the players, a commitment showcased by their generous bonuses, the Ace’s VIP lounge, and the industry-leading rakeback system.

Duelbits stands poised as the preferred choice for both experienced veterans and newcomers.






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