Maker Co-Founder Proposes Future Protocol Implementation On Solana Fork

Rune Christensen, a co-founder of Maker, the Ethereum-based stablecoin protocol, has proposed to reimplement the protocol on a new chain forked from Solana. This move would be the final part of “Endgame,” an update to the protocol that seeks to grow the stablecoin dai by enhancing “efficiency, resilience, and participation.”

Maker Proposal Involves Protocol Reimplementation on Solana Fork

Rune Christensen, a cofounder of Maker, the stablecoin protocol behind dai, has proposed reimplementing the protocol on top of a fork of Solana, updating it to manage possible problems derived from technical failures or governance attacks. The move would be part of Maker’s roadmap evolution, called “Endgame,” designed to “enhance efficiency, resilience, and participation” around the Maker protocol.

He defended the creation of a blockchain used only to run the backend of Maker, stating that it would “deal with the eight years of technical debt in the protocol.” This would imply each component would be redesigned and custom-built for its exact function. However, Christensen stated that this change would take at least three years.

Solana, according to Christensen, presents three significant advantages over other chains. First, the “highly optimized” technical quality of the Solana codebase is well-suited for operating a singular blockchain. The second advantage is related to the resilience it showed after the fall of FTX, indicating that the chain can withstand attacks and is “likely to stick around long term.” The third advantage is that it has already been adapted for app chains, as a custom version of Solana has been implemented as part of the Pyth network.

Inbound Criticism

Christensen was criticized on social media due to the nature of his proposal, with some claiming that most Maker users had allegiance to the Ethereum protocol. He explained that none of these changes would affect the user experience and that all of the user-facing parts of Maker and the protocol tokens would remain on top of Ethereum.

Christensen declared:

EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is still the most important when it comes to building stuff for users, since that’s where the users are. But for a specialized backend for Maker’s specific needs it is not ideal.

Nonetheless, he condemned crypto tribalism, stressing that Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos were all great chains and that “tribalist incels (of every flavor) are in the wrong decade.”

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