Report: Kenyan Subscribers Constituted 25% Worldcoin's Global Total in July

At some point in July, there were as many as 350,000 Kenya-based residents who had subscribed and shown interest in receiving Worldcoin’s crypto token. According to a Kenyan legislator, Worldcoin executives are now expected to appear before a parliamentary committee on Sept. 4.

Argentina’s Record Sign Ups

A Kenyan parliamentary committee tasked with investigating Worldcoin’s activities in the East African nation recently revealed that as many as 350,000 residents had shown interest in the project before its suspension by the government. According to the committee, Kenyan subscribers were accounting for a quarter of Worldcoin’s global total at some point in July.

However, as noted in a report published by The Star, the total number of World ID sign-ups from across 34 different countries had topped 2.26 million by August. In addition, the organization suggested an Aug. 31 blog post that demand for the World ID has continued to grow. To prove this, Worldcoin has pointed to the record number of sign-ups seen in Argentina recently.

While the Worldcoin team has continued to tout some of the project’s milestones, officials in Kenya have seemingly adopted a hardline approach towards the entity and its local affiliates. In addition, A Kenyan court has reportedly backed the government’s decision to suspend Worldcoin activities in the country.

Meanwhile, the investigating committee, which is chaired by the Narok West legislator Gabriel Tongoyo, was told of how some failed to cash out their tokens. Tongoyo nevertheless revealed that Worldcoin owners would soon appear before the Kenyan parliament to answer issues concerning the crypto project.

“They will appear on Monday next week [Sept. 4] …with travel issues, they have told us they will not be here as planned and so we have made the necessary adjustments to our program,” the legislator.

Tongoyo added that Solicitor General Shadrack Mose and the country’s Data Commissioner, Immaculate Kassait, are also expected to appear before the committee.

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