An Urban Farmstead Emerges From 3AC Co-Founder’s Bankrupt-Shadowed Mansion

According to a report, the spouse of Three Arrows Capital (3AC) co-founder Su Zhu has transformed their residence into a farmstead. The farm reportedly boasts numerous garden beds, a variety of composting zones, and the couple’s swimming pool has been converted into a natural pond.

Report Spotlights an Urban Farm Flourishing Amid 3AC’s Financial Ruins

After the disclosure that 3AC co-founder Su Zhu was arrested in Singapore at Changi Airport, a report from The Business Times reveals that the former crypto hedge fund manager’s dwelling has evolved into a pastoral farm haven. The homestead, valued at $35 million when the pair acquired the bungalow, has allegedly been artistically reimagined by the 3AC co-founder’s spouse, Dr. Evelyn Tao.

The property is located in the Yarwood Avenue area in District 21 and the region showcases several Balinese-styled homes for sale. The Business Times report indicates that the sprawling property owned by Zhu and Tao now features several gardens and compost areas. Visitors can allegedly enjoy fine dining at the establishment, as well as agriculture classes and guided tours of the sprawling Good Class bungalow.

The urban farm reportedly caters to “climate-appropriate food” and is affiliated with Tao’s Abundant Cities Singapore project. The organization is “focused exclusively on urban permaculture and tropical permaculture research.” The Business Times further notes that 3AC’s liquidator, Teneo, did not comment on the farm when asked for a statement. Zhu is serving a four-month jail term following his recent arrest and his associate, Kyle Davies, remains at large.

Zhu and Davies’ 3AC collapsed after the Terra fallout in May 2022 and officially filed for bankruptcy in July 2022. The pair launched another project named OPNX in 2023 and recently, creditors in the Hodlnaut case objected to OPNX acquiring the firm. Following 3AC’s bankruptcy filing, Primitive Capital’s Dovey Wan reported on June 30, 2022, that the Yarwood Avenue Good Class bungalow owned by Zhu was in urgent need of selling.

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