NHL Dives Into NFT Market With 'Breakaway' Platform, Amidst Shifting Digital Collectible Trends

The National Hockey League, the NHL Players’ Association, and the NHL Alumni Association have collaborated with the non-fungible token (NFT) firm Sweet to introduce NHL Breakaway, a digital collectibles platform. The NHL says the collectibles enable fans globally to collect, gift, trade, and showcase highlights and significant moments from NHL history.

NHL Partners With Sweet; Launches New Digital Collectibles Experience for Fans

According to the announcement on Wednesday, NHL Breakaway marks a new phase in the realm of sports digital collectibles. Sweet, in collaboration with the NHL and its associates, disclosed that it has leveraged the hockey league’s extensive highlight archives to develop an immersive experience for users.

The platform allows fans to acquire packs that include highlights, uniquely packaged with various camera angles and the natural sounds of the game. Tom Mizzone, CEO of Sweet, commented on the collaboration: “In this groundbreaking partnership, we’re not just launching a platform; we’re forging a new era where gamified and social digital collectibles become a bridge to unforgettable experiences in the sport you love.”

The introduction of the hockey league’s NFTs occurs amidst a significant decline in NFT sales over the past year. Similar initiatives have been previously undertaken by other sports leagues, including Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). On Wednesday, NHL Executive Vice President David Lehanski highlighted the allure of NHL Breakaway’s “compelling graphics” and the authentic sounds of the game, noting they can “bring collectors inside NHL arenas.”

NFTs linked to sports leagues have historically performed well, evidenced by successful collections such as Dapper Labs’ NFL All Day and NBA Top Shot. These platforms aim to enrich the fan experience over time, melding the technology of NFTs with immersive sports experiences. The NFT company Sweet has also forged partnerships with other well known brands, including Dave & Busters, the Clemson Tigers, and Burger King.

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