Coinbase 2024 Outlook Marks End of Crypto Winter, Ordinals Leading NFT Shift, Heralds Era of Prosperity

As the crypto market navigates through a transformative era, Coinbase’s 2024 Crypto Market Outlook provides insights and predictions. The report, encompassing data up to November 30, 2023, delves into pivotal crypto market shifts and institutional practices.

Coinbase’s 80-Page 2024 Crypto Market Outlook Suggests Brighter Days for Digital Assets

Coinbase’s comprehensive 80-page report indicates that the total crypto market capitalization doubled in 2023, signaling an end to the crypto winter and the onset of a transition phase. Despite past challenges, the market’s remarkable recovery and sustained development underline the resilience and staying power of cryptocurrencies.

“What’s clear, however, is that in spite of the hurdles directed towards the asset class, the developments we witnessed over the past year have defied expectations,” the Coinbase 2024 report notes. “They are evidence that crypto is here to stay. The challenge now is to seize the moment and build something better.”

Coinbase says that 2023 witnessed bitcoin (BTC) reinforcing its status as a safe haven amidst geopolitical upheavals and financial crises. The introduction of spot bitcoin ETFs by leading U.S. financial institutions marked a significant acknowledgment of bitcoin’s disruptive potential and a possible precursor to enhanced regulatory clarity.

“But progress rarely moves in a straight line,” the Coinbase researchers detail. “To create a more resilient market, developers will need to continue building towards real world use cases that help us cross the chasm from early adopters to mainstream users.”

The report highlights a key theme for 2024, essentially a shift in crypto trading towards practical use cases, bridging the gap between early adopters and mainstream users. Coinbase believes developments in Web2 analogs and blockchain infrastructure, alongside innovations like decentralized identity and physical infrastructure networks, are setting the stage for this transition.

In 2023, bitcoin’s dominance in the digital asset market increased, spurred by institutional interest and applications for spot bitcoin ETFs in the United States. Coinbase thinks this trend will continue, with institutional flows remaining anchored on BTC through at least the first half of 2024. The latter half of 2023 saw BTC outperform most traditional assets.

This momentum, the report explains, is expected to carry into 2024, with BTC potentially benefiting from broader economic trends and pressures on traditional financial systems. Additionally, Coinbase touches upon the Ordinals and Atomicals trend alongside Rootstock, Stacks, RGB, and implementations of BitVM. Coinbase also believes that “a large portion of NFT activity has shifted to Bitcoin Ordinals.”

The 2024 Outlook report notes that the crypto space has seen significant infrastructure development, including scaling solutions and security services. Coinbase researchers say it has laid the groundwork for the emergence of decentralized applications, hinting at a transition in trading regimes towards Web3 applications.

Coinbase further mentions the growth of layer two (L2) scaling solutions has been notable, with developments like OP Stack and Arbitrum Orbit. Despite this, Ethereum’s mainnet has maintained stable transaction counts, with L2s primarily affecting alternative L1 platforms.

Lastly, the report concludes that the U.S. economy’s trajectory in 2024 seems cautiously optimistic, with a decreased likelihood of recession. The report says that this economic setting and the potential of Federal Reserve cuts could lead to a weaker USD, presenting opportunities for cryptocurrencies.

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