Epic Games Store Changes Policies to Allow Blockchain Games Again

The Epic Games Store, the digital distribution storefront owned by Epic Games, has made changes that will allow some blockchain games to be listed on its platform again. Epic Games has announced that it will now admit games rated as “Adults Only” due to having non-fungible tokens (NFT) and blockchain elements.

Epic Games Stores Change Guidelines to Readmit Blockchain Games

The Epic Games Store has decided to open its doors for blockchain and Web3 games again. The digital storefront owned by the makers of Fortnite has decided to change its policies to readmit this kind of game into its platform.

According to the ESRB, some blockchain games are receiving the “Adults Only”(AO) rating due to the possibility of presenting the opportunity of exchanging the digital currency won for “real money.” The store excluded all games rated as AO by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) from its platform, having a blanket ban on this kind of product.

However, it recently announced a change, adding an exception for blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) games. Nonetheless, these games still have to comply with the already existing guidelines and the prohibitions on pornography, gambling, and hateful content.

The change allowed two games pulled due to receiving the AO rating, Unchained Gods and Striker Manager 3, to be included again in the platform. Immutable, a layer 2 Ethereum expansion layer and developer of Gods Unchained, celebrated this development, considering it an acknowledgment of the relevance of this tech in the gaming arena.

It stated:

We are pleased with Epic Games’ policy decision, and Gods Unchained has relisted on their store. This policy change shows that the space recognizes the experience of web3 gaming, and we are one step closer to adoption.

Steam, another digital distribution platform, has had a blanket ban on blockchain and NFT games since 2021. However, even with this ban enacted, developers are still finding ways to launch crypto-related games on this leading storefront.

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