Microsoft ready to introduce Bitcoin (BTC) in Xbox games

Paying for the next xBox exclusive in Bitcoin may soon be possible from the Microsoft store. Indeed, the tech giant is considering adding Bitcoin as a payment method and is telling its players about it.

A survey to accept Bitcoin (BTC)

The information was relayed on the social network Reddit, specifically in the subreddit /r/XboxSeriesX. According to the publication, Microsoft would be doing a survey to find out the preferred method of payment of its users.

To the question "Which of these other payment methods would you like to use on the Xbox? ", in addition to credit card payments, Microsoft also addresses Bitcoin payments, as we can see in the screenshot posted on Twitter:

From the information gleaned from the various topics, it seems that this survey was offered to users participating in the "Xbox Insider" beta test program.

This is not Microsoft's first time. In 2014 the company had already added the possibility to pay in BTC via Microsoft Accounts before stopping the offer, then relaunching it in January 2018. Could it be the right one this time?

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