Bitcoin of America Makes It Big: The Team Behind One of the Largest Bitcoin ATM Operators Worldwide

PRESS RELEASE. Bitcoin of America, a popular virtual currency exchange, is known for their 1200+ ATMs across 31 US states. Bitcoin of America is looking to bring attention to the success their team, working behind the scenes, has had on the company’s growth. Some of their top executives were interviewed on the future of the company and their experiences working there. Registered as a money services business with the United States Department of Treasury, (FinCEN) Bitcoin of America offers several different services including Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin Tablets, and an online exchange. Bitcoin of America has been known to provide fast and hassle-free transactions to their customers while offering top of the line customer support, which makes them one of the best in the industry.

William P. Suriano, General Counsel for Bitcoin of America, has played a major role in the company’s success. When asked about the future of Bitcoin of America Suriano responded, “In the next couple years, I expect that the company will continue to grow into what will become a more competitive market for cryptocurrency deployers and that it will expand the services offered at its kiosks to include conventional ATM services, bill paying, check cashing, and other services. I expect the company will expand into new geographic markets in North America, Central America, South America, and Europe.” Suriano also mentioned, “What I love about working for the Company is the broad diversity of issues I face every day. In any given day, I may deal with an employment contract, a financing proposal, a lease, a court case, and a business license.”

Bitcoin of America’s Chief Operating Officer, Samantha Miller, spoke out about her positive experiences working at the company. “Working for Bitcoin of America has been an amazing experience. We have a great team that truly believes in the vision and plan that has been set forth. Being in such an emerging technology has been exciting because the team has such enthusiasm to make us successful in every way. My team is really “all in”. When asked about the future of the company, Miller said, “I see the company continuing its lightning-fast growth that we have experienced over the last 14 months. The market supports this growth, our customers support this growth, and our future plans support this growth. We prepared for this over a year ago and executing this plan has been truly life changing.”

Paul Bialobrzewski is the Chief Financial Officer for Bitcoin of America. He is responsible for overseeing the entire accounting and finance functions at Bitcoin of America. This includes everything from ensuring our vendors are being paid on time to producing accurate financial reports to the management team. Bialobrzewski mentioned, “In the next few years, the company will continue its aggressive expansion plans for deploying ATMs. One of the factors that really sets us apart from our competition is our ability to remain efficient and leverage economies of scale. We have not only seen significant growth in top line revenue, but other key performance indicators have also seen tremendous improvement. In the future we will continue this trend.”

Veronica Mehraban, Operations Specialist, has been with the company for just two short months. Within these two months Mehraban has already seen tremendous growth.

“I was given the wonderful opportunity to oversee the maintenance and installations team. I feel lucky to work with such great individuals, every single one of them are so knowledgeable, they represent the company very well, constantly innovating and they challenge me to learn more every day.” She even mentioned that she is constantly trying to keep up with demand. “We are moving at a very fast pace, as a team we thrive to be efficient and find ways to get things done.”

Jenna Polinsky, Director of Marketing and Head of Tablet Sales, for Bitcoin of America has been with the company since 2018. She is responsible for the company’s marketing and the success of the tablet program. Polinsky mentioned, “One of the best parts of working with Bitcoin of America is that the company provides an experience unlike any other. One day you are at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami and the next you are doing a podcast with a huge financial advisor. The opportunities are truly endless. Our CEO, Sonny Meraban, does a great job of making sure that everyone’s voice is heard,” says Polinsky. She plans on expanding the tablet program and bringing cryptocurrency into local businesses across the USA.

Bitcoin of America is known to have one of the best compliance teams in the industry. Amanda Piccone, Bitcoin of America’s compliance officer is one of the amazing women behind the team. When asked about the company’s growth, Piccone responded: “I have seen ridiculous amounts of growth. Within my 12 months of being with Bitcoin of America, we have averaged at least 500% growth – and that’s just from a compliance perspective. This includes anything from alerts, application volume, customer support inquiries, and kiosk hosts. If there is a way to grow in our business, at lightning speed, we nailed it.”

Bitcoin of America is growing at a rapid pace. The company has gone from 630 Bitcoin ATMs in January 1200 plus in just 5 months. It is evident from the feedback given that Bitcoin of America has created a positive work environment for their employees. To find out more about Bitcoin of America and the services they offer, visit their website!


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