There are so many uncertainties when it comes to the super-volatility of the crypto market and this is the reason why investors need to find a buffer to protect themselves from a possible fall in prices.


One answer to this problem is growing in popularity day by day: it is RBIS, the native token of ArbiSmart . This is a crypto investment project that has started to generate buzz, across the crypto community because it provides excellent hedging against the volatility of the crypto market.

The token, which will be listed later this month, has already seen an increase of more than 850% and analysts are predicting a 4,000% increase by 2023.

Who Is ArbiSmart?

ArbiSmart is an Estonia-based cryptocurrency investment platform with a European license . It offers an automated crypto arbitrage platform , which means it generates returns from temporary price disparities. These are very short times when a cryptocurrency can be available on a number of exchanges at different prices and at the same time.

ArbiSmart is connected to 35 exchange platforms, where it scans hundreds of cryptocurrencies at the same time, around the clock, looking for price disparities. The algorithm will then buy the cryptocurrency on the exchange with the lowest price, before instantly reselling it at a profit on the platform with the highest price.

In practice, the user must first register. You then have to deposit funds, then the algorithm takes over by converting their currencies or cryptocurrencies into RBIS and using the funds to perform cryptocurrency arbitrage on their behalf.

Generous Returns Combined With Minimal Risk

ArbiSmart generates passive profits through crypto-arbitrage: profits start at 10.8% and can reach 45% (which corresponds to 0.9% to 3.75% per month) depending on the amount of the deposit. Note that these profits are supplemented by monthly compound interest.

Then, by choosing to store your funds in a blocked ArbiSmart savings account for a contractual period, you can earn up to 1% per day of additional earnings.

There is also another important channel of passive income which is the appreciation on the increasing value of the RBIS token. In just two years, the value of it has already increased by 860%, and with the new RBIS utilities in the works and as well as listing on exchange platforms at the end of the month, the price is likely to take off.

The cryptocurrency market can be incredibly lucrative, but a high reward often comes with a high level of risk. ArbiSmart mitigates this exposure by providing hedge against the collapse in prices.

As we saw above, ArbiSmart generates profits by exploiting price disparities. These can have various causes, such as a difference in trading volume between a large exchange and a smaller one, and also occur regularly whether the market is in free fall or in rise. This means that there is no disruption to passive profits from crypto arbitrage, even in a bear market environment. Besides, your crypto will not lose its value in the event that the market suddenly collapses.

The predictable and reliable nature of ArbiSmart's profits means that by using the platform's return calculator , you can know in advance exactly how much you can earn from any deposit amount on any period of time.

Demand Exceeds Supply

There are many factors that will boost demand for the RBIS token in the near future, the first being the listing of the RBIS token at the end of the current quarter on 12/31/2021.

At that point, RBIS will be tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges globally and the token will become accessible to a much larger target market, including all those, due to the regulated operator status within of the ArbiSmart European Union, were not eligible to purchase the token through the platform.

Another driver of demand will be the new RBIS utilities, slated for launch by the end of the first quarter of 2022. These include a cryptocurrency credit card, yield farming service, and an interest-generating wallet that supports both currencies and cryptocurrencies.

As the supply of tokens is limited, this means that there is a limit to the amount that can be created, and it is capped at 450 million RBIS. When the demand for tokens increases, it will exceed the supply, which will inevitably drive up the price.

In today's crypto climate, ArbiSmart offers a safe, low-risk investment opportunity that provides necessary hedging against a crash. Passive profits are unmatched and the RBIS token is on a steady upward trajectory: this token is about to take a big leap forward. To get a piece of the RBIS pie before the price goes up further, buy RBIS now .

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