No more projects focused on video games, DeFi but also NFTs. A Bitcoin over $ 100,000 and the advent of Solana as the main “Ethereum Killer”. This is what the year 2022 could look like according to users of the CoinList platform.

What could the crypto sector look like in 2022, Bitcoin At $ 100,000 ?

Thanks to a survey completed by nearly 5,000 users, the CoinList platform provides an outline of the crypto market in 2022. Between public expectations and (ambitious) forecasts on the main projects.

CoinList Overview

CoinList overview The CoinList platform is one of the benchmarks in the field of crypto listing. It has also made a specialty of offering tokens for different projects before they are available on other exchanges. Projects like Solana (SOL) , Filecoin (FILE) or Flow (FLOW) were also listed on CoinList long before their prices exploded.

The platform also allows you to trade major projects such as Ethereum (ETH) , Bitcoin (BTC) or Polkadot (DOT) . Today, more than 5 million users are registered on CoinList and trust its secure solution.

Gaming And DeFi At The Center Of Expectations For 2022

To the question “What types of projects do CoinList users want even more in 2022?” , the leading third is as follows:

  • Gaming: 20.7%
  • DeFi: 19.1%
  • NFT: 15.2%

As the pie chart below shows, layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains are also popular, with 11.5% of CoinList users making it their priority for 2022.

What could the crypto sector look like in 2022, Bitcoin At $ 100,000 ?

If we focus on the 20% who want more Gaming projects on the platform in 2022, respondents have a strong opinion on the blockchain games of 2022. Almost half of respondents give priority to Axie Infinity (22, 2%) or Gods Unchained, voted by 27.9% of respondents. With 18.8%, Undecided completes the blockchain games podium of the year 2022.

According to the findings of the survey, a majority of respondents believe that the metaverse universe has the best outlets for Non Fungible Tokens (NFT). Thus, more than 40.6% consider that the sector will be the main universe to use NFTs. They are also 37.7% to estimate that it is in gaming that NFTs will find their place most easily in 2022. Then follow the universe of profile photos or the event sector.

Bitcoin At $ 100,000 In 2022?

Nearly half of respondents (46.8%) believe that Bitcoin could move between $ 100 and $ 150,000 at the end of 2022. An opinion that seems more optimistic than most prediction algorithms which rely on Bitcoin instead around $ 80,000 by the end of 2022. Only 28% of respondents believe that the token will remain below $ 100,000 within 12 months. Conversely, nearly 5% of respondents believe that the price of Bitcoin could exceed $ 200,000 by the end of 2022.

Bitcoin At $ 100,000 In 2022
Very optimistic estimates that echo initiatives like those of El Salvador to proclaim Bitcoin as legal tender. For a large majority of respondents (87%), this initiative could be followed by other countries in 2022. Respondents will not have missed the strong development of institutional investment in the main crypto projects either. With Bitcoin at the forefront. These two parameters remain today the two most explanatory variables for the general public.

What About Altcoins?

If we focus on the main altcoins, the majority of respondents agree to leave the number 1 place to Ethereum in 2022. It must be said that the project today weighs nearly 5 times the marketcap of its first pursuer : the Binance Smart Chain. 

The Solana project, for its part, maintains a very high slope. To the question “Which blockchain will you interact with the most in 2022?” , the answers were as follows: 

  • Solana: 23.9%
  • Binance Smart Chain: 20.8%
  • Polkadot: 20.4%
  • Polygon: 10.9%
  • Avalanche: 10.6%

Then follow other blockchains like Cosmos (7.4%) or Terra (6.0%) which despite its recent entry into the top 10 does not yet convince a majority of users.

Which “Ethereum Killer” Is The Most Credible?

More than half of users (55%) consider that Solana could be the altcoin that will approach the Ethereum marketcap the most in 2022. They are 38% to consider that this place of first altcoin behind Ethereum will remain the property of Binance. Smart Chain and its Binance Coin token.

Other blockchains like Polkadot could also pull the chestnuts out of the fire. The project and its famous parachains could in any case be part of the most used blockchains in 2022. 47.8% of those questioned believe that they will interact with Polkadot in 2022. A figure that drops below 25% for Polygon projects and Avalanche and below 20% for the Cosmos and Terra blockchains.

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