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Bybit launches a new launchpool SOUNI (SON)

In the ByFi category, which more commonly represents the decentralized finance part within the Bybit platform, users can find the launchpool category . Interesting category for investors who wish to participate in the support of certain projects via the staking method . Let's decipher together in this article the launch of the SOUNI (SON) launchpool. What is the Souni project and the two tokens SON and SRC?

Bybit officially announces the launch of a new launchpool for the Souni project

The launchpool of the Souni project will be effective from March 08, 2022 until March 14, 2022.

Basic concept

It seems important to us to define the principle of a launchpool . A launchpool allows users to deposit their tokens to earn new ones. The rewards depend on the number of tokens allocated by the investor to the pool vis-à-vis the total amount of tokens available for the product. It offers the opportunity to create interaction and stimulate projects with potential investors.

At the same time, it is an opportunity for trading platforms to diversify their offers.

The SOUNI project

The Souni game is a 3D MMORPG, attractive for its players. This is an opportunity for them to be rewarded while playing. The project features a metaverse-focused NFT character system. Souni is the opportunity to travel through discoveries and battles in the exciting world of blockchain games.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain , it offers a virtual world for the metaverse. They are warriors, magicians, dragons that make Souni a 3D-oriented fantasy game. Players can form clans, develop strategies to challenge, explore and earn rewards within this new world. Thanks to a diverse system of characters and objects, numerous levels and two types of games are available in order to satisfy beginners as well as professional players.

The gameplay of Souni is diversified thanks to the different character classes, various equipment, as well as other elements. Players will also be able to take advantage of the different levels, rarity, statuses, and multiple skills.

Souni's economy

The Souni project has optimized tokenomics in order to create a free and accessible game for everyone. The goal is to have a massive player base to ensure usage and interactions for competition and social connections within the game.

Souni adopts a dual token economy to meet the operational needs of the game:

The SON token can be earned by playing in categories such as PVP, World Boss, or Champions League. It is a governance token that is consumed in-game. It improves the qualities of NFTs and is used to use the marketplace to trade, sell or rent.

The SRC token is the currency of the game, players can for example acquire it with BUSD . Also consumed in game, it allows you to open the treasure box to obtain special rewards or, for example, to exchange special items on the market.

The launchpool of the Souni project will be launched from March 08 until March 14, 2022. The equivalent of $300,000 in SON tokens will be distributed to all participants. A great achievement in the world of metaverse and NFT-based games, to the delight of players around the world.