According to the most recent statistics from Crypto Compare, the total aggregate digital assets under management (AUM) increased to $48.7 billion in March from $43.9 billion in January. During this time, however, average daily trade volumes decreased by 29.6% to $259 million.

Digital AUM Surged to $48.7 Billion in March, Average Weekly Flows Turn Negative

Products for BTC and ETH are behind.

The entire aggregate digital assets under management (AUM) surpassed $48.7 billion in March 2022, according to the latest statistics from Crypto Compare (CC). According to the statistics, this month's AUM is up $4.8 billion, or 11.1 percent, over January's $43.9 billion.

Crypto Compare observed in its research that the increase in total aggregate AUM corresponded with a time when bitcoin and ethereum-backed products trailed behind. The following is taken from the report:

Surprisingly, Bitcoin and Ethereum-backed assets trailed others and basket, with relative increases of 17.5 percent to $1.81 billion and 9.46 percent to $773 million, respectively. Meanwhile, BTC and ETH-based ETPs (exchange-traded products) grew just 7.7% and 9.1%, respectively, to $33.6 billion and $12.6 billion.

Crypto Compare said the data had changed from previous months, "with ETFs [exchange-traded funds] seeing the largest gain of 14.3 percent to $3.39 billion (6.95 percent of total AUM)

Weekly Inflows Averaged Negative

The average net weekly inflows seen in March, according to Crypto Compare, a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered benchmark administrator, "went negative again" in March. During this time, net weekly inflows averaged $9.9 million on average.

"Ethereum goods showed the biggest drop in weekly flows, with an outflow of $14.2 million per week on average." Then came bitcoin goods, which witnessed $2.5 million in weekly withdrawals on average. "Multi-asset based products recorded the biggest weekly inflow of $7.0 million in March," according to the data.

Meanwhile, according to CC's latest digital asset management assessment, the average daily aggregate trading volume fell by 29.6% to $259 million over this time period. This was the "sixth straight month in which trade volumes failed to break this trend," according to CC.

3iq's Ethereum Product (QETH), which decreased 61.1 percent to $892K, contributed to the large drop in the average daily aggregate trading volume. According to the CC report, Coinshares' Physical Bitcoin Product (BITC) dropped 77.2 percent to $469K, while XBT Provider's Ether Tracker Euro (ETH/EUR) dropped 44.5 percent to $3.19 million, the largest margin reduction among exchange-traded commodities (ETCs).


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