Is the dollar digging its tomb in Ukraine?

Is the dollar digging its tomb in Ukraine

Geopolitical and monetary new covenants are made behind the Ukrainian war fog. The hegemony of the dollar weakens and the bitcoin is impatient.

Who are the true limited partners of war in Ukraine  ?

Before analysing what this reek of world war means for the bitcoin, it is crucial to identify his true limited partners. We brought back George Soros two weeks ago was to a great extent representative for coup d'état of 2014 with the result which was connait.

Its organisation, « Open Society  », is a screen of the CIA made responsible for influencing the European legislative elections via the financing and the manipulation of hundred of NGOS which prepare and assure ideological assistance the bellicose foreign policy of Washington.

These organisations are various, but it is often about media. Soros has narrow links with around thirty media, notably New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press (AP), CNN and ABC, which allows him to attain more than 330 million persons in the world.

We see the result of these thousand millions today since a lot of the Western press does not speak about origins of war in Ukraine. Worse, Russia Today (RT), the only organ of Russian press in Europe, has censuré summer. Vladimir Putin has summer immediately diabolisé and his speeches are never relieved.

Here is what the Russian president has déclaré on March 6th in front of a delegation of flight attendants risking losing their job because of the closing of European airspace to the Russian companies:

« Il needs to look things in the face. Anti-constitutional coup d'état in Ukraine has summer unfortunately strongly supported by the Western countries. They even do not hide the fact as they are consacré 5 thousand million dollars there, without speaking about cookies given on the place Maidan  »

This « biscuits  » refer to slaughter of the place Maïdan details of which did again surface thanks to the Italian documentary « Guerra in Ucraina, the verità nascoste  » which brought the truth about the slaughter of February 20th, 2014 (80 dead), place Maïdan.

According to the film directors of the documentary, one of those having ordonné to pull in the heap was Mamuka Mamulashvili, ancient military adviser of the Georgian ex-president Saakachvili. This last is a man of experience in the government inversion since it had emparé of the Georgian presidency further to « révolution of roses  », also made easier by hundreds of NGOS financed by the Americans.

For recall, Mikheil Saakachvili tried to return to some pro-Russian secessionist regions to collide finally with the Russian army the same day of the unveiling of the Olympic Games of Beijing of 2008. Saakachvili will leave the presidency of the country in 2013 and get Ukrainian nationality in 2015. He will become in the same breath governor of the Ukrainian region of Odessa …

The American academic Gordon M. Hahn wrote in 2018 in his book « Ukraine Over the Edge  »:

« Le to sniper Ivan Bubenchik admitted having drawee on Berkut [the Ukrainian police which protected the buildings of the government]. Bubenchik confesses in the documentary film “Brantsy”, réalisé by Vladimir Tikhii, to have drawee and person killed two commanders of Berkut on the place Maïdan. [] Bubenchik declares to have acted there after the government sets fire to the building where to it and other émeutiers had taken up position. Except that it happens that they will learn later that this fire was in reality déclenché by the Ukrainian neonazi party “right Sector”  ».

Gordon M. Hahn makes in his book the same conclusions as Ivan Katchanovski, of the university of Ottawa, author of the paper « The Snipers' s Massacre one the Maidan in Ukraine  ». To know that « le massacre [of Maïdan] was a false flag, planifié and exécuté rationally with the intention of overturning the government and taking over power  ». « Mon inquiry has trouvé various proof of the involvement of an alliance of organisations of extreme right, notably the “right Sector”, a paramilitary group federating several extreme right small groups during Euromaïdan.  »

In the documentary réalisé by Gian Micalessin, the sniper Kvaratskelia Zalogy, ancient activist in the service of the Georgian ex-president Saakachvili, tells:

« La revolution of Maidan was similar to the revolution of roses of 2008 in Georgia. They wanted to use the same scenario. The first meeting [preparing of coup d'état in Ukraine] took place with Mamuka Mamulashvili in the offices of its political party [National Movement] in Tbilisi  ».

A second sniper having refusé to give its cowardly name face camera that Mr Manulashvili has them donné at this occasion 1000 dollars to go to Kiev January 15th, 2014, with wrong passports, in order to « repérer of ideal positions for snipers  ». 5000 additional dollars waited for them there.

Later, February 15th, five days before the massacre of Maïdan, Mamulashvili will visit them with an American serviceman who is going to become their instructor. This American is Brian Christopher Boyenger, an ancient sniper of the 101st Airdemarcation division (USA) which will fight later in Donbas within the battalion « Georgian Legion  ».

The presence of this American and the involvement of a close Georgian presidential adviser Saakachvili (having narrow links with the United States) come to be added to the beam of indications brought last Tuesday. Put end to end, he makes no doubt absolutely that the war in Ukraine is orchestrated by the Americans.

What report with the bitcoin  ? Understand that the United States are the true limited partners of this war am primordial to grab what he is played here. We are at the dawn of new worldwide monetary order and Russia grabbed Ukrainian opportunity to sound the load, what the United States did not expect willy-nilly …

The end of the dollar

Sino-Russian tango hides no more its ambition to put an end to barefaced American monetary hegemony. In 2018, the Russian tsar is for example liquidé 100 thousand million dollars. In last news, the part of the yuan in Russian exchange rate reservations is from now on five times the upper in international average.

Moscow also collects some gold since 2008, the famous year when EDF started to make turn the minting plate. The Empire of Middle followed the same strategy and does not have currently than 3,5 % anymore American debts. Here is what had déclaré Xi Jinping on the occasion of the Forum of the New roads of the silk, in April, 2019:

« Pour the Chinese people, Putin is a sincere friend for a long time. And for me, personally, Vladimir Vladimirovitch is a very close friend. He has contribué and continues bringing a historical contribution for the strengthening of the strategical collaboration between our two countries and the promotion of bilateral cooperation in every field. [] I appreciate our sincere friendship, I am attache there.  »

Russia is far from being isolated. Not only China, but many other countries join this monetary sling and dismantle their stowing discreetly in the dollar. Iran, Nigeria, South Korea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Turkey have the step already sautéed.

The time when the United States could print dollars pawned by hunters frs 18 and tanks Abrams is on the way to being past. The racket of après-1971 basé on the petrodollar and their recycling in American debt slowly ends.

The world is tired of this help reversed in aid of a country which consumes and wastes in an indecent way at a time when we should become aware of borders of growth and of disaster of climatic warming. The last report of GIEC is said by passing, went out in a bewildering silence …

The war in Ukraine will prove to be be in fine an accelerator of dédollarisation. Byelorussia comes from other places to announce that it went, with Russia, to leave the dollar for the payment of its energy. Bad news for the dollar since the EU regulates near the half of its importation in dollar (data of 2020).

To be able to pay his importation in his own currency should be a godsend for the EU. Except that Russian minister of Foreign Affairs has the intention of making us pay three times more for the oil, gas and electricity. A barrel of oil in 300$ …

Price blip of the gas is up 1000$ at the time of writing these lines, while Russia always respects its deliveries in Europe The German Minister of Finance Robert Habeck has déclaré on Monday that a complete boycott of the gas and of the Russian oil would cause one « chômage as well as a mass poverty  » …

Interestingly, India, the world's third largest oil importer, is exploring ways to buy Russian oil at a very low rupee price. Saudi Arabia has just invited President Xi Jinping to visit the kingdom. This means only one thing: Ryad is ready to no longer accept the dollar exclusively in payment for its black gold.

Even Turkey has entered dance. President Erdoğan told Putin that their countries could trade using the ruble and yuan. "We can do it with gold," he reportedly suggested.

The West believed it was holding the dredge high by disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT network, as well as freezing its foreign exchange reserves. The idea was that Russia would collapse economically before a new system could be put in place. And especially that the rest of the world ceases to trade with Russia.

These calculations are already proved to be false. For several reasons. The first is that we are reaching peaks in fossil energy production around the world. It is now impossible to do without Russian energy without causing massive inflation all over the world.

Secondly, twin systems to the SWIFT network already exist. Russia and China have their own systems to which any central bank can connect. In 2021, about 1 288 present banks in more than 100 countries were already linked to the Chinese system CIPS (Cross-country running - Edge Interbank Payment System). Compare with the 11,000 banks connected to the SWIFT network in twice as many countries.

Financial institution admitted as CIPS members

Source: of February 2022, the CIPS had 1,288 participants, including 76 direct participants and 1,212 indirect participants.

Of the indirect participants, 936 are from Asia (including 540 from mainland China), 164 from Europe, 43 from Africa, 29 from North America, 23 from Oceania and 17 from South America, covering 104 countries and regions of the world.

China is moving fast and sparing no effort to internationalize its currency. It is through this prism that we must analyze the New Silk Roads ("One Belt, One Road") project. We are not talking about a few caravans carrying silks, Persian carpets or spices. The project is titanic as it is planned to connect 4.4 billion people and 65 countries and whose basements contain most of the known energy resources.

All that being said, the Yuan will probably not damaging the pawn to the dollar. Let us not forget that communist China uses its currency as a totalitarian tool by linking it to a digital identity, itself linked to a social credit. This "conditioned" currency allows total control of the population and we imagine that the rest of the world does not want to fall from Charybe to Scylla.

And that's why bitcoin is having to play an increasingly important role in international finance. Americans will never agree to trade in yuan so that a perfectly stateless currency like bitcoin makes sense.

Bitcoin is a currency that no one can block in addition to exist in absolutely limited quantity. In addition, its transfers are almost free and instant, unlike gold. It is written in advance that bitcoin will be the cornerstone of the international monetary system, much faster than we think.

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