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Oxya Origin: The plan of metaverse not to be missed!

2021 will really have summer the year of NFT with an exponential growth of the sector and of plans always more many, in it came to be added the emergence of métaverses further to the announcement of Facebook become Meta. The at beginning of this year 2022 show a light slowing down on the market of NFT where only plans with strong added value will be able to make a long-term true place. Oxya Origin, that we are going to introduce you in the lines which follow, is part of those that it is necessary to follow absolutely with its extremely innovative approach with potential to reinvent concepts even of NFT and métaverse. Let us plunge without waiting more in the world of Oxya Origin to decipher the key elements.

Oxya Origin: The plan of métaverse not to be missed!

The genesis of plan:

Plan has justifiable summer by an ambitious family and is made up of creative and of businessmen having an extensive experience in various domains which manufacture the future of the Web 3.0. It was annoncé in December, 2021, sold as the first métaverse aesthetics including Collabore-to-Earn and giving to the players of the experiments of gaming PVP and PVE. Their Upset server has généré more than 80 000 members nicknamed « oxyans  » during the first 24 hours thanks to marketing genius, to technical innovations and to unique designs. They have then capitalisé on their dream launching by exhausting in 20 minutes only their first collection of 7 898 mishaps 3D conceived by gifted Laury Guintrand, a renowned artist for its job on The Avengers, The Witcher and The Martian, as well as with Gucci and Nike.


The background above not only summer chose by the community with one meadow-DAO, it also represents the beginning of dynamic NFT. Oxya Origin is the first plan to offer it, allowing so its collections to be always in the top of design. Indeed, the market is very competitive today, and these plans have from now on to use all resources at their disposition to make it a rule to killer her app.


Oxya Origin offers a large-scale métaverse on blockchain with the intention of becoming the first game Collaborate-To-Earn. In this last, the players can make money in the form of tokens $OXYA, by playing in team with companions to fulfil search, to exploit resources, to win a territory and more still. The players will never miss the landscape, because OXYAVERSE is a manifold, composite ecosystem of three planets with distinct atmosphere. Kryo, the economic centre, is covered with ice  ; Luxion, the centre gaming and technological, is filled with magma  ; and Naya, the earth of luxury, of culture and of ease, is an arid desert.  


Every planet is conceived to give in the marks of numerical solutions made to order thanks to an integrated marketing by giving them opportunities to construct a digital property portfolio. The creative direction of plan is centered on conception 3D futurists who blend ancient cultures and dystopique future. As a result, he introduces a plethora of possibilities to explore, to conceive, to experiment and to interact in a higher ladder than basic plans such as The Sandbox. Oxya Origin puts the emphasis on the use of game and of storytelling to give to the users a reason to play and to generate traffic in some zones of the card. Nevertheless, plan is very pressing to support the community in the middle of situation by giving to the possessors of OXYAS numerous advantages and airdrops.

Have your ground:

To follow the successful exit of their characters oxyans, the team of Oxya Origin gets ready currently for the imminent mint of lands (fields). These numerical assets will represent a plot of physical space in their digital world and give to the players the possibility of casting anchor in this rich world. Fields will be useful in game thanks to the unpublished governance system which guarantees that the players keep the power whatever happens in the wings. They also have trouvé a winning expression by putting on their fields of resources to collect various curiosities, giving them so an intrinsic value in comparison with the utility of every resource to fabricate, to improve or to exchange NFT.

They also present a great opportunity for brands and companies to experiment with new audiences and practices, while adapting to the demands of constantly changing consumers. Lands NFT can also be received as a judicious investment for the businessmen and the speculators while the world heads for numerical future and while the value of decentralised assets continues zooming. Several metaverse projects such as this have sold their land in recent weeks and Oxya Origin is considered the ultimate choice.

$OXYA and beyond:

The OXYAVERSE lands arrive at the end of March 2022 and the whitelist is already open. Plots of land are available in different sizes on all three planets.

Today, the French start-up has a huge Discord community of more than 200,000 oxyans on which it recently announced that a game demo will be released in the second quarter. She also prepares a $ OXYA token and an internal market to manage transactions. According to their roadmap, animals, quests and utility accessories are just some of the many innovations we should expect in the near future. Already supported by more than 3000 holders, highly regarded multinational companies would also be involved in the project. We will reveal this to you soon, but it will put the project as one of the safest and most promising investment opportunities in the blockchain. If that's not enough to convince you to own an NFT Oxya Origin, maybe their massive volume of 12,400 ETH traded on OpenSea might make you change your mind.

As you will understand, Oxya Origin ticks all the boxes of the high potential project that we do not wish to miss today on the market. After the success of their drop NFT first, it is a chance today to take part in the drop of lands which, as it was possible to see him with examples as The Sandbox or Decentraland, is a type of key NFT to be had if they want to make a place in a métaverse.