Lucrosus Capital is the first gamified Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) providing institutional benefits to individual investors through its own token. Tokenization allowed this project to truly make investing decentralized. Due to the application of unique blockchain features, investments will be accessible with basically no threshold as well as will be anonymous. Everyone who holds the $LUCA token will be able to take advantage of utilities like direct and indirect exposure on investments made by Lucrosus Capital.

Piotr Barbachowski is the Founder and CEO of Lucrosus Capital. He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the benefits of DeVC:

Lucrosus Capital CEO Piotr Barbachowski Explains the Benefits of Decentralized Venture Capital

Piotr is a progressive cryptocurrency investor and miner with more than 5 years of experience. Having developed blockchain projects with valuations exceeding $70 million. Focused on bringing tokenization, the future of modern finance, into the mainstream. Delighted to support the most revolutionary blockchain solutions. Passionate about electric mobility and the real-estate market.

To learn more about the benefits of DeVC visit the Lucrosus Capital website.

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