Waqar Zaka, a Pakistani who recently become a wealthy cryptocurrency investor, is now focusing on development solutions for his country. According to the bitcoin millionaire, Pakistan will reclaim its long-awaited financial freedom through cryptographic assets.

Pakistan: Un milliardaire in bitcoin (BTC) reveals his secret to us

In BTC, a former YouTuber has become a billionaire.

Waqar Zaka formerly held the position of television animator and amassed millions of YouTube subscribers. Regrettably, due to the prohibition of the video-sharing platform in Pakistan, he was forced to end his career.

As a solution, he chose a method that many of us are already familiar with: bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

During his professional transformation, he "had no other alternative" but Bitlanders, a platform that specialises in artificial intelligence (IA). As a result, he was able to monetise his content in bitcoin and, as a result, become a bitcoin billionaire.

Our colleagues at Cointelegraph were able to interview him on the final episode of Crypto Stories before the government's ban.

Here's the English translation of the video about the exchange with Zaka:

Bitcoin might be a source of financial liberty.

Waqar Zaka made a comparison of his previous and subsequent sources of income throughout the interview. According to him, his earnings as a YouTube animator were "nothing" in comparison to the bitcoin profits currently being made. It is for this reason that he has no regrets about the media and entertainment.

Also, he suggested that Pakistan would be better off turning to Cryptocurrency to encrypt and be free of debt completely.

Is it possible that a pakistani government that is not technologically advanced will be heard? To refresh your memory, the Pakistani government banned the use of bitcoin in 2017.

Zaka and his revolutionary spirit

In the midst of the blockade, Pakistan's multibillion-dollar bitcoin stash was nowhere to be found. He did, in fact, file a petition against the prohibition, which he won.

To begin with, it was used by social media to expose the government's anti-constitutional actions. Then he decided to put in place a consultative support system to urge his fellow citizens to invest in cryptocurrency.

Results: Zaka has been assigned the task of overseeing the country's first cryptomonnay mining farm. This one is required to run on hydroelectric energy and is managed by an ephemeral enterprise.

Another example about Zaka: while bitcoin was still worth $5,000, he openly challenged the government. As a result, he put 1% of his budget into it and put his home on the market at the same time.

By winning the challenge, the bitcoin billionaire was able to persuade the government to issue a cyptocurrency-friendly regulation. Indeed, this decision demonstrates the country's desire to decriminalise cryptocurrency investments and mining. Unless the activities in question appear to be illegal.

Once swayed, the government has decided to gradually let go of its aversion to technology. In fact, the media have reported on a recent call by Pakistani President Arif Alvi to hold training sessions in blockchain, IA, and cybersecurity. This 180-degree turn might have been prompted by his attendance at a blockchain conference.

In short, this little stop in Pakistan allows us to see how cryptocurrency may be used to define physical and abstract borders. We hope that the storey of Vaqar Zaka will continue to inspire others in the future. Cointribune will provide a little amount of relief when some of the most vulnerable economies are freed from their shackles.

Source : Cointelegraph

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