Is it possible for the cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency to increase its price to the point where it may be traded for one dollar? Analysts believe that anything is conceivable. Because the cryptomonnaie has attracted investors since reaching a critical level of 0.92 dollar (according to them).

Cardano (ADA): Looks Ready for an Upswing to $1

Cardano (ADA) is in a good position

Cardano (ADA) has put up some impressive performances in recent weeks. For instance, on April 4th, his profit margin increased to $1.25. In line with this, his price has dropped to $0.92. Currently, the cryptomonnaie is consolidating around this price mark, indicating that a haussière impulsion may be underway.

Tom DeMark (TD), a sequential indicator, has shown an acquisition signal on ADA's daily graph. The housekeeping training has taken the shape of a brand new red chandelier, signaling an increase in demand. Analysts believe that, based on this graph, there is a potential that the digital currency may reach a new high by lowering its price to one dollar.

Bullish momentum undermined

Cardano (ADA) has built an increase in value around $0.92, according to transaction history. According to data obtained through the IntoTheBlock's In/Out of the Money Around Price (IOMAP) tool, more than 44 790 addresses had already purchased about 6,8 billion ADA tokens around this price. However, because the maintenance zone is still in place, it's possible that the price may not fall.

Household impulsion, on the other hand, is not 100% guaranteed. She may face strong resistance at 1 dollar, where 241 000 addresses have close to 4 billion dollars in ADA. A daily chandelier barrier over this stumbling block, on the other hand, may lead to higher peaks.

Cardano (ADA) is on track to achieve even greater feats than those already achieved by the cryptomonnaie. His price might go up to one dollar in the next weeks, among other things. Dans tous les cas, tous les indicateurs sont au vert pour cet actif numérique.

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