You're having trouble making money through trading? You are not alone. According to studies, only around 3% of traders make money, with the vast majority of that money going to the richest 1% of the population. To put it another way, if you aren't one of the best traders, making money with cryptocurrency trading is really difficult.


Why haven't you been able to make a profit?

There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, the top baleines frequently manipulate the market, making it difficult for anybody, even an outstanding trader with a tried-and-true strategy, to profit.

Another reason is that the average trader does not devote enough time to studying trading and so finds himself first in the world of cryptos, which is one of history's most impitoyable ecosystems.

Keep in mind that if you want to trade on a regular basis, you'll be up against massive trading companies with almost unlimited funds and unrivaled computing power. If you want to make money, you must be very diligent.

ProfitFarmers has identified four key factors that separate the 3% of winners from the 97 percent of losers. Based on these factors, the platform has developed a secondary trading strategy. Over the last two years, his trading signals have had a success rate of 78 percent (signals completed only, no balance transactions). You may get a free copy of his Moonbag, which has a selection of these signs.

Risque management

This is the most significant part of the crypto-puzzle. A good risk management strategy keeps you from losing your whole portfolio before you've had an opportunity to make money.

The majority of traders try to get started too quickly. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and even the most well-planned trading strategy might go wrong in a split second for no apparent reason.

ProfitFarmers recommends never risking more than 2 to 5% of your account every transaction as a golden rule. This gives you the ideal risk/reward ratio and keeps you from being overly exposed to market volatility.

To be clear, if your transaction had to pass from the entry price to the stop-loss, you would only risk losing between 2 and 5%.

ProfitFarmers' free Moonbag includes a risk management guide, which you can get here.

Trading strategy

Trading strategy

ProfitFarmers' recommended trading strategy should consist of a collection of strategies that you know by heart and have proven themselves several times.

The key is to figure out what works for you and stick with it.

For a long-term trading strategy, you may, for example, keep a close eye on the survivor indicators while tracking the price, volume, and support zones. Begin slowly, then find what works and stick with it.

ProfitFarmers' trading team devised a number of high-probability strategies and included them into their algorithm. Each crypto signal it generates is based on the best strategy available at the time.

ProfitFarmers' trading team devised a number of high-probability strategies and included them into their algorithm. Each crypto signal it generates is based on the best strategy available at the time.

The best 1% of traders have detailed parameters for entering and exiting trades, and they stick to them. This is what it means:

– A pair of cryptomonnaies 

– The entry zone 

– Profit-making objectives 

– A departure plan

You'll get lost if you don't have a plan, and you'll have a better time playing games of chance. Having a strategy ensures that you stay on track without allowing your emotions to get in the way. Not only will trading be less stressful, but you will be able to make far more objective decisions.

Note: Each of ProfitFarmers' signs includes a complete trading strategy.

Moonbag de ProfitFarmers

ProfitFarmers' Moonbag has a number of free trading plans.


Millions of computers trade cryptocurrency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All that these programs do is monitor price fluctuations and make the best trading decision possible.

It's difficult to compete as a small-business retailer against large corporations with vast computing resources. The world's best traders put their time and money into advanced trading tools that give them a clear advantage. How can you give yourself a fighting chance?

ProfitFarmers is a one-stop trading platform that combines IA-generated trading strategies with copytrading and other advanced features like automatic echeloning. The main benefit is that they handle the majority of the time-consuming aspects of trading, such as transaction research, planning, and execution. All you have to do now is add some gasoline and you're ready to go.

They send you a signal, which you copy, adjust the plan, and leave the rest to the platform. Instead of spending years studying technical analysis and marketing strategy, ProfitFarmers can do all of the tedious work for you.

Everything is available to you, plus more:

– A 78 percent success rate for signs 

– Market scanners that are free

– Commercial training 

– Market updates and strategies

You may either teach yourself risk management, trading strategy, planning, and advanced tactics, or you can get the free Moonbag from ProfitFarmers to make life easier and more profitable.

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