Seedify is a blockchain-focused incubation ecosystem that allows project developers to easily access funding and form industry partnerships. The platform launched the Seed Staking feature on April 8th in order to promote the tokens of its ecosystem's various projects. Seedify also plans to launch a non-traditional trading platform for blockchain games and commodities in the coming days. The details will be provided later.

Seedify Launches Groundbreaking Seed Staking program

Seed Staking is demonstrated.

Seedify's incubation program provides valuable advice and assistance to entrepreneurs developing blockchain and cryptocurrency games. In exchange, the platform receives a large number of tokens from these projects. With the launch of Seed Staking, Seedify will give out a portion of these tokens to holders of SFUND, Seedify's native token, who participate in the staking program. Seedify has been conducting daily instantaneous assessments on the accounts of participants since April 8, and they receive points based on the amount of their deposit.

To provide complete transparency, the total number of points accumulated by each member can be viewed from their profile on the platform's main dashboard. Seedify will distribute a portion of the tokens received to Seed Staking participants based on the token launch schedule for each project incubé. Depending on the overall number of points accumulated during the course of the campaign, each registered wallet will receive a portion of the tokens made available by Seedify.

The first market dedicated to blockchain games' non-financial tokens (NFTs)

Levent Cem Aydan, founder and CEO of Seedify, explained that Seed Staking is a mechanism that is not available on any other ecosystem launch platform. « With the launch of Seed Staking,... we will be able to take advantage of our relationships and network, as well as the additional experience we've gained in this field, to offer a constant stream of new opportunities, courtesy of the distribution of high-quality gaming tokens derived from projects we incubate », he stated.

He also emphasized that the platform's goal is to support new blockchain-based game entrepreneurs by providing a platform for them to promote their creations. As a result, Seedify should launch its NFT Launchpad as well as its NFT market place by the end of the month. Seedify NFT Space, as the name suggests, will be the first NFT market dedicated to blockchain games and cryptocurrency assets.

Seedify's Seed Staking adds another useful feature to its native token, as well as providing free additional value to token holders. The mechanism enables projects in his incubation program to quickly form a community in order to accelerate the acceptance of their games.

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