Kristin Smith is the executive director of the Blockchain Association, an organization that includes well-known companies like as Kraken, Uniswap, Grayscale, and eToro. Kristin Smith hopes to contribute to the growth of the industry through the Blockchain Association by working on both the policy side of cryptocurrency and the businesses that enable the ecosystem to grow.

The Blockchain Association: Who is Kristin Smith

In this article, we'll find out who Kristin Smith is and what the Blockchain Association's real goals are. To do so, we'll look at this person's background and what led to her becoming the executive director of this organization.

Professional training and education.

Kristin Smith completed studies that allowed her to obtain an MBA from the University of New York. She was able to obtain all of the necessary foundations to become a successful businesswoman as a result of this training. His career choice, on the other hand, is more oriented toward politics than business management.

She grew up in the Capitol for a quarter-century, a highly symbolic location where the United States' legislators and senators sit. She mostly performed two different functions during her time in the Capitol. First and foremost, she was a member of a congress member's team. She then decided to work as a lobbyist, joining one of the many pressure groups that try to persuade members of Congress to pass legislation in their favor.

This 15-year career in the highest levels of American politics and as a lobbyist has allowed him to have a thorough understanding of how the US government works. She decided to concentrate her efforts on cryptomonnaies after learning that they were a new class of assets on the horizon.

The Blockchain Association's foundation

The Blockchain Association was established in 2018. Kristin Smith was chosen as the first (and current) executive director of this organization because of her qualifications. Indeed, it would have taken someone of his stature to help the Blockchain Association forward its pro-crypto agenda in front of American legislators.

The Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization that brings together a variety of businesses involved in the cryptocurrency industry. The goal of these businesses is to make people see that digital assets are inextricably linked and that they must now be regulated. However, regardless of the industry, it is critical not to regulate.

The Blockchain Association works to ensure that the best laws are in place to allow the industry to grow steadily over time. She is not opposed to a tight regulatory framework, but she does want it to be as tailored as possible to the unique characteristics of the crypto market, so that innovation is not stifled by too restrictive regulations.

The Blockchain Association's Effects

Because the Blockchain Association's work is primarily done in a coulisse, it's difficult to say with certainty what tangible results this organization has produced. However, we can say with certainty that Kristin Smith's lobbying work is effective.

For example, the SEC's new patron, an American gendarme boursier, is a pro-Bitcoin supporter. Alternatively, the Sénat must approve the nomination of the SEC's president in order for it to be effective. As a result, Kristin Smith is very likely to have been able to persuade some skeptics to vote for the SEC's new patron's candidacy.

It's also worth mentioning the several crypto-friendly laws that have been passed during the last few years. It's impossible to say how much the Blockchain Association influenced the decisions of the members of the congress, but it's clear that its role was crucial in passing key laws.

Kristin Smith was able to help the development of cryptomonnaies by using her influence at the American Congress through the Blockchain Association, which brings together a number of crypto companies. Even though it is impossible to say how much the Blockchain Association has contributed to the sector's development, we do know that its impact has been extremely positive.

Even though Kristin Smith primarily works on a national level, what happens in the United States will eventually spread to other parts of the world, because what happens in the United States tends to spread throughout the world, especially when it comes to economics or new technologies.

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